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Roll crusher maintenance measures

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Roll crusher is widely used in production, but we should do a good job of maintenance measures, today small series to introduce the main points of maintenance.

1, no matter how to feed to the crusher, must be equipped with a reliable rust removal device, to prevent other debris into the crusher.

2. Check the oil level in the main and deputy transmission gear boxes to ensure adequate oil supply.

3. The crusher must be started without load. Before starting, it is necessary to check and remove the retained materials in the crusher.Check the oil level in the main and secondary transmission gear box to ensure adequate oil supply.

4, start the crusher to reach the normal speed, and in no abnormal circumstances can start feeding.

5, the crusher such as long-term disuse, or the first time to start, should be in advance with human power to rotate the big belt wheel 2-3 weeks, confirm that the machine is running freely, and then the motor "inching" several times, when the motor rotation direction is correct, can officially start the crusher.

6, regular sampling to check whether the crusher product granularity meets the requirements.If necessary, the distance between the crushing rollers can be adjusted.

7. During normal shutdown, the feeding must be stopped in advance, and the machine can stop only after all the materials in standby are excluded from the crusher.

8. The main and deputy transmission gearbox of the crushing machine are lubricated with gear oil. The lubricating oil in the gearbox should be changed in time during summer and winter.

9. When changing the strength, particle size or crushing ratio of crusher materials, the nitrogen pressure of the buffer cylinder should be adjusted again.The size of the pressure to meet the crushing roller pressure requirements for the appropriate.Excessive compression force will accelerate wear and power consumption.Too small compression force will increase the number of crushing products, and make the active crushing roller show frequent vibration phenomenon.The buffer cylinder nitrogen pressure is used in the range of 1.5-4mpa.

10, after the crusher overhaul, when reassembling the upper section of the crushing roller, clamping coupling, round nuts and coupling bolts should be strictly controlled the tightening torque.When tightening the coupling bolts of the clamping shell, it is necessary to pay attention to the sequence. The diagonal bolts should be tightened first, then the intermediate bolts should be tightened, and the gaps on both sides of the parting plane of the coupling should be uniform.

11. If it is necessary to open the cover of the main and deputy transmission gearbox for maintenance, the rubber sealing strip must be replaced before reinstallation and a layer of sealant must be evenly applied on the static sealing surface to prevent oil leakage and oil leakage on the sealing surface.

12. The bearing of the translation link device of crushing roller in the upper and lower sections of the crusher shall be lubricated with grease, and no. 2 or no. 3 calcium-base grease shall be required in the design.During normal production, screw the oil cup lid tight for one week to inject grease.

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