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Rotary kiln supporting wheel heating should be how to solve?

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Rotary kiln is the key equipment in the production process of cement enterprise, which is known as the "heart" of cement factory.The stable operation of supporting wheel is the guarantee of safe operation of rotary kiln, and it also directly affects the output and operation rate of cement factory.Rotary kiln supporting wheel heating should be how to solve?Let's go through this article.

Rotary kiln

1. Causes and treatment measures of high temperature heating of common roller bearing tile in rotary kiln:


(1) high temperature of supporting wheel tile caused by lubricating oil.

Bearing tile lubricating oil is not regularly replaced or not in place, resulting in lower viscosity of lubricating oil, or oil emulsification, or contains dust impurities, will cause heat bearing bush.The best way to deal with it is to replace the oil regularly and strengthen the maintenance of the supporting wheel tile regularly.

(2) high temperature of bearing bush caused by oil leakage of supporting wheel and shedding of lubrication device.

Due to the poor sealing of the supporting shaft, the oil leakage is serious, which makes the oil level lower, or the temperature of the bearing bush is increased due to the dropping of the lubricating oil scoop.Treatment measures are: do a good job supporting wheel seal, replace the sealing ring, tighten the lubricating oil spoon.

Rotary kiln Supporting shaft

(3) heating of bearing bush caused by good or little circulating water or seepage of circulating water pipe.

Poor circulating water or not easy to cause heat support bushing.When the aging of the internal circulation pipe leads to leakage, it will damage the viscosity of the lubricating oil, make the oil worse, the bearing bush heating up.

Treatment measures include: pickling circulating water pipe, to remove internal oil;Replace damaged internal piping.At present, the commonly used pickling method in cement factory is trough pickling method.The general operation sequence is: degreasing - water rinsing - acid rinsing - water rinsing - neutralization - passivation - water rinsing and so on.


(4) due to the small gap between the roof and the bearing bush heating.

The contact Angle between the bearing and the shaft becomes larger and smaller after the bearing is used for a period of time.The lubricating oil can not enter the bottom of the bearing bush for lubrication, causing the temperature of the bearing bush to rise.Treatment measures are as follows: if the cylinder clearance is very small, should be repaired in time, and re-open the tile mouth.Generally, the gap of the tile mouth is 0.003Dmm (D is the diameter of the supporting axle).

Rotary kiln Supporting shaft

2. Temperature rise of bearing bush caused by rotary kiln supporting wheel belt and its treatment measures:


(1) the surface stress concentration of the belt and supporting wheel causes the heating of the bearing bush.

Under normal circumstances, the contact surface of the supporting wheel and the belt should be consistent, there is no obvious longitudinal light and dark stripes on the belt.If the fruit light and dark stripes, the bright side indicates that the bearing bearing bearing capacity is too large, and the other side is too small.

If the dark stripe appears and the contact gap with the supporting wheel is out of contact, and the area of the dark stripe is large, the supporting wheel tile will have the phenomenon of temperature rise.Treatment measures are: slowly adjust the supporting wheel, so that the contact surface between the belt and the supporting wheel meets the requirements, generally more than 60%.


(2) the gap between the belt and the shell plate causes the temperature of the bearing bush to rise.

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