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Sand aggregate production line planning

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The proportion of sand in the aggregate of commercial concrete is generally about 30%, and the amount of sand is relatively large. For the current natural sand resource exhaustion and limited mining environment, artificial mechanical sand has gradually become the trend and mainstream.Sand aggregate production line planning

Sand aggregate production line

1. The design of process plan shall first determine the product plan according to the market situation

The success or failure of a sand aggregate production line mainly depends on whether the relationship among lithology, technological process and equipment selection can be reasonably solved.Lithology analysis of raw materials is generally determined through experiments: crushing power index, abrasion index, water content and mud content, according to which the selection of technology and equipment of aggregate production line is carried out.

2. Overall planning

According to the flow of sand aggregate production line functional three-dimensional layout, as far as possible less land;There shall be enough safe space around the equipment to facilitate on-site maintenance and operation;A lifting device is installed above the equipment to facilitate maintenance operations.Site planning maintenance channel, facilitate vehicle passage;The belt gallery and each floor shall be equipped with walkways and ladders for personnel to pass.

Sand aggregate production line

3. High degree of automation

The system of sand aggregate production line can run fully automatic through programming control, without manual intervention except in special cases.The system can automatically make fault diagnosis and corresponding treatment, and send out alarm information for the operator to solve.

4. Pay attention to environmental protection and working environment

Closed water circulation system and sewage treatment system are adopted to realize zero sewage discharge and ensure no pollution to the surrounding environment.All dust spots in the sand and stone aggregate production line are equipped with efficient dust removal facilities to ensure that the concentration of gas emissions meet the national standards;Road and ground hardening treatment.

Sand aggregate production line

5. Focus on safety design

Walkways and steps shall be designed for all work stations where personnel are required to enter or approach;All walkways and steps are equipped with safety handrails and guardrail;All the equipment in the sand and stone aggregate production line is equipped with manual emergency stop button, and all the belts are equipped with manual emergency stop pull rope.Maintenance break protection is provided near the motor.The dangerous parts shall be covered with protective cover and marked with warning labels.

6. Easy maintenance

A special spare parts inventory and maintenance center.

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