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The influence of mining area and meshing Angle on output of cone crusher

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There are three factors influencing the productivity of the cone crusher: the oscillation frequency of the cone crusher;Length of parallel crushing area;The size of the engagement Angle.These three aspects directly determine the output of the cone crusher.The influence of mining area and meshing Angle on output of cone crusher

1. Oscillation times of the cone crusher

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The number of oscillations of a cone crusher.

Because the cone crusher is restricted by the meshing Angle of crushing chamber and parallel discharge mining area, the crushed ore is discharged along the cone slope mainly by gravity and vibration.When the number of spindle rotation increases, the ore is easy to be discharged, but the number of rotation is too high, not conducive to the discharge of ore, sometimes cause a car and unable to produce.Therefore, the oscillation times of the broken wall have a certain restriction effect on the improvement of productivity.

2. Length of parallel crushing mining area

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Parallel crushing mining area is the guarantee area of uniform grain size of cone crusher.The crushing capacity is related to the thickness of the material layer in the parallel zone.The length of parallel zone increases, which is beneficial to the control of grain size, but the ore discharge capacity decreases.The length of parallel zone decreases, which is beneficial to ore discharge, but the ore particle size is not easy to guarantee.

At the same time, because of the productivity of cone crusher and ore properties, the performance of the machine, specifications and crusher operating conditions and other factors, but also related to the cone crusher in the production process configuration, so, in other conditions unchanged, under the condition of changing operating conditions (adjust the cone crusher discharging mouth size), will change the productivity of cone crusher.


3. The size of mesh Angle

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The Angle between the rolling mortar wall and the crushing wall of the cone crusher is called the meshing Angle.Generally, the engagement Angle is 22-23°, and the maximum is 27°.The shape of crushing cavity from feed mouth to discharge mouth is affected by the Angle of bite and also restricted by the height of the cone crusher. The relative change of the cavity capacity of the crusher has a certain impact on the crushing efficiency.

Theoretically, if the meshing Angle is too large, the ore is easy to slip in the crushing chamber, which reduces the production capacity and increases the wear and power consumption of the lining plate.If the mesh Angle is too small, the crushing cavity will be too small, and the amount of ore contained will be relatively reduced, which will affect the output, and meanwhile increase the manufacturing cost of equipment and the height of the machine.

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