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The method of ring forming in rotary kiln

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The rotary kiln equipment is divided into two kinds of ring forming: front ring forming and back ring forming. Generally, it can be formed only when the rotary kiln speed is slow:


(1) front knot processing.

When the current lap is not high, it will have little impact on the calcining operation, but it will increase the thickness of the burnt material layer and prolong the residence time of the material in the burnt zone.When the current ring is relatively high, it will have a great impact on the kiln state or thermal system, resulting in poor ventilation in the kiln, positive pressure at the kiln head, and bad flame extension and shape of the flame.Large pieces of clinker are also not easy to roll out, easy to smash the kiln skin, etc.During processing, as long as the coal injection pipe is pulled out, so that the high temperature is concentrated in the location of the ring, the front ring can be gradually burned.

(2) the processing of post-knot.

The post-knot is mainly formed between the burned belt and the transition belt, which will affect the ventilation, output and quality of the whole system.

Treatment of rotary kiln ring

Among them: when the back ring knot is long and not high, as long as the coal injection tube to pull out, adjust the flame shape, make the flame thick and short, can reduce the temperature of the ring, make it gradually collapse (this method is called cold burning method);If the ring has grown and seriously affected the ventilation in the kiln, the feeding amount should be reduced first (about 80% of the normal feeding amount), and the heat and cold alternating method should be used for about 2 hours each, until the ring burned down.

The latter, often after the circle will accumulate a lot of raw material powder, when the circle collapse backward, will quickly rush to burn into the belt, at this time should be jetted out in time, slow down kiln speed (usually called pre-play small slow car), appropriate close small exhaust, let fire intensity concentrated in the burning into the belt, in order to avoid running raw material or long burning appeared.

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