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The problems of ball mill in production practice

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In the production process of industrial enterprises, ball mill has always been an important equipment, not only a large investment, and its work efficiency directly affects the economic efficiency.So has been the focus of the industry equipment.The problem that ball mill exists in production practice?

ball mill

1. Output of ball mill


Generally speaking, there are three direct ways to improve the output of ball mill:

(1) add a fine crusher before the mill;

(2) improve grinding system to improve grinding efficiency;

(3) add efficient powder separator.

ball mill

As is known to all, the ball mill material is broken and then the key equipment is crushed.It is widely used in cement, silicate products, new construction materials, refractory materials, fertilizer, nonferrous metal dressing and glass ceramics production industries, to various ore other grainable materials for dry or wet grinding.Any of the above three methods can greatly increase the output of the ball mill.Of course, if conditions permit, the three methods used together, the effect will be more ideal, this is also in recent years at home and abroad grinding system design trend.Three relations: before grinding fine premise, after grinding powder selection guarantee, grinding fundamental transformation.The fine grinding before grinding makes the grain size of the grinding material decrease greatly, thus reducing the load of the grinding system.The efficiency of powder selection is improved, and the direct benefit is to select the finished fine powder in time to a large extent, reduce the return rate of cement finished powder, and reduce the load of the ball mill.And the grinding internal transformation, also improve the grinding system.The particle size of the grinding material is reduced and the efficiency of powder selection is improved. If the efficiency of the grinding system is low, it will not only affect the output of the ball mill, but also affect the quality of cement.

2. Quality of cement

ball mill

Cement quality, from the point of view of the ball mill grinding process, has no direct relationship with the pre-grinding crushing and powder selection efficiency.Cement quality inspection index generally has two: cement screen residual value specific surface area.But in recent years, the international cement quality inspection index is cement particle grading, and this index can better reflect the real situation of cement quality than the cement screen residual specific surface area.Generally speaking, cement particles less than 3 muon particles hydration faster, not conducive to the long-term strength of cement, the recommendation is not more than 10%;Particles larger than 65 microns are basically inactive, try not to;16-24 microns are highly reactive.There are cement factories producing added limestone, limestone is not active, a pure filler, but can improve the cement finished particle grading.

Improve the quality of cement production way has a lot of, adjust the original burning material ingredient, change the firing process, strengthening equipment management, etc., all these need the cement production units to design a more reasonable solution, and probably long time study, but improve the quality of ball mill and production we can provide you with a better solution, if you have a need to can leave a message to us.

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