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Understand the equipment and process of pulverizing fly ash

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Ultrafine pulverization is an important means to improve the activity and added value of fly ash. The finer the particle size, the higher the hydration activity and the higher the application value. Practice shows that:

15-10 micron ultrafine fly ash can be widely used in high performance green concrete.

Superfine fly ash of about 10 microns can widely replace inorganic or mineral fillers.

Superfine fly ash of about 5 microns can replace some carbon black after surface modification.


1, fly ash ultra-fine crushing equipment

Ball mill is a kind of grinding equipment widely used in industry, which has great flexibility and market adaptability.The superfine pulverizing of fly ash can be realized by the ball mill with high fineness grading system.

Vibration mill is a kind of high efficiency pulverizing equipment. After pulverizing, the particle sphericity is good, the particle distribution is more continuous, but the energy consumption is higher.

Impact type pulverizer plus grading system can also be used for ultra-fine pulverizing processing of fly ash, but the processing capacity is small.

Steam power mill USES superheated steam of power plant as the medium of pulverizing kinetic energy. Supersonic airflow is formed through laval nozzle to drive high-speed collision and shearing of materials. The whole process is completed at about 140℃.

2. Ultra-fine pulverizing technology of fly ash

The particle size and particle morphology of fly ash determine its application performance, according to the physical and chemical characteristics of fly ash and fineness requirements of the final product to choose the appropriate grinding process, is an important link to determine the economic value of grinding ash and processing cost.

(1) open flow high fine grinding technology of fly ash

Open flow high fine grinding fine fly ash, usually can be modified by cement mill to form high fine grinding structure characteristics, and with small size grinding body for grinding.Fly ash by electronic balance into the mill, the mill is the finished product.

The process is simple and advantageous plant operation and save investment, but due to the proportion of fly ash is light, into the grinding particle size small and contains a lot of fine powder, tend to different grinding, to make the most of the beads of the original morphology damage is serious, water demand increases, or make the product less than and easy to run rough milling time, fineness is difficult to control, the quality is not stable, the product power consumption is bigger also.


(2) pulverizing process of closed-circuit fly ash mill

The requirements of closed-circuit grinding process for tube mill are mainly improved from position position, spacer plate structure parameters and sorting system.The fly ash is fed into the mill by the electronic scale, and the semi-finished product is fed into the separator by the elevator to separate fine powder as the finished product.The coarse ash is returned to the mill and mixed with the new feed for the grinding and sorting cycle again.

This process has solved some shortcomings of open-flow process, but there are still some problems, such as serious damage of particle morphology, resulting in production and increased water demand of products. The production process is also more complex, and the comprehensive power consumption is higher.


(3) fly ash is directly open-flow pulverized

That is to say, fly ash is grinded directly to the required fineness by open-flow micro-powder tube mill, which is suitable for coarse ash with low micro-powder content ≤45 micron in fly ash raw materials.At this time, it is of little significance to use the first separation, direct grinding has the characteristics of simple process, low production consumption, high product quality, and less construction investment.

Because of the potential activity of fly ash industrial waste, has been more and more attention, as the concepts of low carbon environmental protection, green production, waste is becoming more and more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people all over the world, for the comprehensive utilization of industrial waste including fly ash and resource has become the countries to develop an important part of sustainable development strategy.

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