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Wet ball mill how to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection

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With the popularity of mineral processing technology, wet ball mill, the leading role of mineral processing industry, with its own strength in the mining industry, and under the call of the new era, its own characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection can be recognized.Wet ball mill how to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection

In fact, the present era of mineral processing is an era of energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency. The environmental protection and energy saving characteristics of wet ball mill itself are exactly what is needed in this era of mineral processing. With its super energy saving and environmental protection characteristics, wet ball mill has become the standard in the new era of mineral processing.

energy saving ball mill

1. Low starting current:

Compared with the ordinary ball mill, the start current of energy saving ball mill is low, the special motor for grinding is configured, the normal operating current is reduced to one-fifth, which greatly saves the overall energy consumption.

2. Configure energy-saving lining board:

The energy saving ball mill is equipped with high wear-resisting rubber material lining board, which is more energy saving and produces less noise in the grinding process, and can increase the output by 5%-7%.

energy saving ball mill

3. Rolling bearing:

Compared with sliding bearing, rolling bearing has the advantages of small friction coefficient, strong compression resistance, high efficiency, simple lubrication and easy replacement, which helps reduce the overall energy consumption.

4. Save oil by glycerine lubrication:

wet ball mill

The energy-saving ball mill adopts glycerine lubrication, which can ensure the cleanliness of lubrication parts to a greater extent, save the amount of lubricating oil, and avoid the service life of parts caused by grease.

Comprehensive analysis above you should be able to see, for wet ball mill, its energy saving and environmental protection characteristics can be fully reflected from the above points, if you want to know more, you can leave a message with us.

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