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What are the problems encountered in sand aggregate production line?

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With the joining of cement enterprises, the appearance of sand aggregate industry is gradually developing to scale, environmental protection, ecology and sustainability.However, due to the diversity of raw materials and markets and the uneven level of design units, most production lines cannot fully achieve the original intention and purpose of the investors after being put into production, or there are various problems in the operation process.What are the problems encountered in sand aggregate production line?

1. Improper equipment selection

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Reasonable equipment selection is the primary factor to determine the success of a production line.Equipment selection of sand aggregate production line mainly depends on physical properties of raw materials (such as hardness, abrasion index of raw materials, soil content, etc.).Because there are many production line investors did not find a formal company design, by directly copying the equipment selection of other enterprises for construction, after the operation of the equipment selection is not reasonable.This problem is difficult to solve by adjusting the process, the production enterprises have to replace the extrusion crusher equipment to ensure the long-term stable and economic operation of the production line.Therefore in the choice of manufacturers must choose the strength of equipment manufacturers or formal company design production lines.Jiangsu LVSSN has a number of design lines, you are welcome to visit.

2. Improper design of silos or warehouses

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Silos or silos of sand aggregate production line mainly include coarse feed silos, medium and fine break and sand buffer silos and product storage warehouses.

(1) coarse feed bin

The common problem of coarse feeding bin is that the side discharge port of the bin is designed as a rectangular "door" structure. There is a dead Angle between the warehouse and the discharge port, material feeding is not smooth enough, and large pieces of material are easy to accumulate here, which affects the normal feeding.The simple measure to solve this problem is to place an excavator beside the feeding mouth to clean up the accumulated material at any time.In the off-season of the market, the feeding bin side outlet is transformed into a trapezoidal "inverted eight" structure, so as to eliminate the dead corner of the product.

(2) medium and fine crushing and sand making buffer bin

The common problem of medium fine breaking and sand making buffer bin is that the bottom of the bin is designed as a steel bin structure with flat bottom. Because the overall material pressure at the bottom of the bin is relatively large, serious deformation and subsidence of the bottom of the steel bin will occur during the operation of the sand and stone aggregate production line, resulting in safety risks.The improvement measures can be taken to strengthen the structure of the bottom of the warehouse.The design unit shall try to avoid the use of flat steel structure in the design, and try to choose concrete structure at the bottom of the flat steel structure when it is inevitable to choose flat steel structure.

(3) product repository

Product storage is generally in the form of concrete storage, with large and stable reserves. However, some enterprises choose steel silos to store sand and stone aggregates. It is hoped that these enterprises can regularly check the wear condition of steel silos and carry out wear resistance treatment.

3. Wear of material slide

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Due to the multi-edge and Angle characteristics of aggregate intermediate products, the high abrasion characteristics of some raw materials and the large delivery gap of some materials, the impact wear of most runways in the conveying process is serious and the service life is short.This problem can be improved by laying cast manganese steel or other material lining board inside the impact-heavy slide.Change the structure form of the slide with less impact, and form the abrasive material inside the slide, and thicken the slide steel plate under the condition of conditions.However, when conveying soil materials, it is recommended to adopt thickening treatment for the slide, and it is not necessary to adopt the design of abrasive ladder slide, because the structure of abrasive slide is easy to cause the clogging of soil materials on the slide.

The above is only a small part of the problems in the aggregate production line. If you encounter other problems in the aggregate production line, please contact us and we can propose solutions for you.

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