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What do you know about lime kiln?

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The vertical kiln is a tubular kiln body. Materials are added from the top of the kiln and discharged from the bottom after calcining.According to the temperature change and distribution in the vertical kiln, the vertical kiln is divided into three areas from top to bottom: preheating zone, calcining zone and cooling zone;In the preheating zone, materials are preheated by the heat of flue gas.In the calcining belt, materials are calcined by means of heat released by the combustion of fuel.In the cooling zone, the calcined materials will exchange heat with the cold air pumped in. The materials themselves will be cooled, and the air will be heated into the calcination zone to act as combustion air.In order to ensure the full and complete calcining of materials, the three belts in the kiln should be maintained at a certain height and be stable.There are two reasons causing the movement of the material in the shaft kiln: one is the movement of the upper material caused by the volume shrinkage of the material in the calcining process;The other is the whole kiln material movement caused by the discharge of the lower material.

Advantages of lime shaft kiln:


1. Energy conservation;

The interior of lime kiln is preheating zone, calcining zone and cooling zone from top to bottom.Cooling air is pumped into the kiln from the bottom of the cooling belt. After heat transfer, the products are cooled and the cooling air is preheated.After burning and exothermic calcining materials, the remaining hot flue gas enters the pre-heating zone and preheats the normal temperature materials to the pre-decomposition temperature.Flue gas temperature drops to 170 ~ 300℃ after the kiln;

2. Good insulation effect;

Kiln skin adopts four layers of refractory vertical masonry, good insulation effect, kiln skin temperature can be controlled above the environment temperature of 60℃ or so, significant energy saving;

3. Long service life of refractory materials;

The material does not collide directly with the working face refractory, but depends on the gravity settlement and the working face friction.This greatly reduces the wear rate of refractories;Normally, the refractory can be used for 6 ~ 10 years.

4. Good sealing performance of vertical kiln;

CO2 concentration in flue gas can reach more than 35%, CO2 recovery cost is low, more suitable for nano calcium carbonate industry;

5. Wide adaptability of fuel;

Mixed kiln can use block coal, coke, petroleum coke and other block fuel;High calorific value fuels such as natural gas, coke oven gas and petroleum gas can be used in gas kilns, and low calorific value fuels such as converter gas, blast furnace gas, calcium carbide furnace tail gas, blue carbon gas and generator gas can also be used.Oil kilns can use heavy oil, diesel and other liquid fuels;

6. Small area;

Due to the vertical kiln layout, single bucket elevator large Angle layout, compact layout of all functional areas greatly reduce the occupation area;

7. Investment province;

Less machining parts and lower processing cost of kiln body steel structure;The difficulty of installation is not high and the difficulty of masonry is low.

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