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What is the difference between the integrated design of jaw crusher motor and the split type?

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Jaw crusher is a traditional crushing device in crushing operation. It has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and strong adaptability.The improvement of motor installation method is one of its characteristics.What is the difference between the integrated design of jaw crusher motor and the split type?

jaw crusher

1. Traditional motor split installation

It is well known that the crushing process of a jaw crusher takes place between the two jaws.One gripper is fixed on the frame as a fixed gripper, and the other gripper is mounted on a movable body called a movable gripper.It has teeth on the surface.The crushing and unloading operation is completed when the movable jaw regularly approaches and moves away from the fixed jaw.The power source of the jaw crusher is usually an electric motor.The motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate through the pulley and triangle belt, thus driving the movable c mounted on the eccentric shaft to carry out periodic reciprocating motion.The motor of the conventional jaw crusher is mounted on the motor frame of the sliding rail structure and the base is mounted on the concrete or steel structure.This configuration tightens the CAM belt by moving the motor over the guide rail.The motor is far away from the main part of the crusher, and the driving triangle belt is longer, which requires on-site installation and debugging, and the motor needs to occupy a larger installation space.

2. Integrated motor installation

The integrated motor installation of jaw crusher is the motor installed on the body of jaw crusher through the motor frame, so that the motor rain jaw crusher becomes a whole, making the installation and use of jaw crusher more convenient, more reliable and more safe.The motor frame adopts steel plate welding structure. After the motor is installed, it relies on the tensioning of the top wire and the relaxation of the driving triangle belt. The motor mounting surface is inclined to 15 degrees.

Jaw crusher

3. Advantages of integrated motor installation


Compared with the motor split-type installation, the new integrated motor installation method has the following advantages.

(1) there is no need to install the motor at the user's site, so the jaw crusher is easy to install and reduces the construction cost of the equipment.

(2) the length of the transmission CAM belt is reduced, and the triangle belt is easier to be tensioned;Motor pulley and spindle pulley are located on the main jaw crusher, and no relative movement, so the service life is long.

(3) the jaw crusher can use the standard belt wheel shield and flywheel shield, so there is no need to carry out the construction of the protective cover in the field, so as to avoid the problem that the user does not install the protective cover because of safety neglect.Working, safer use of equipment.

The installation of integrated motor of jaw crusher has the advantages of simple equipment installation, low infrastructure cost, short transmission belt, long service life and good equipment safety, which makes the operation and use of equipment more humanized.Therefore, the integrated motor installation method should be adopted and the traditional split-type installation method should be gradually replaced through equipment transformation.

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