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What solution does cone crusher have too often iron?

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Cone crusher is mainly used for crushing various high hardness materials, suitable for medium and fine crushing operations.Because of excessive iron in the process of use, the cone crusher suffers different degrees of damage to key spare parts such as the frame, spindle and eccentric copper sleeve, which brings great difficulties to production and increases the labor intensity of maintenance workers.What solution does cone crusher have too often iron?

cone crusher

1. The harm of over iron to crusher

Due to the different sizes of iron pieces, the parameters of the cone crusher change accordingly. When the parameters are abnormal, damage will be caused to different parts of the crusher body and other weak links. The harm of iron overpass to the cone crusher mainly includes the following aspects:

(1) changes of parameters of the cone crusher after iron feeding

When the cone crusher into the iron, the iron is hard, unable to break, stuck between moving, fixed cone lining plate, in the attempt to break the instantaneous pressure instantaneous rise, power is also increased, oil temperature rise high;The crusher detected an iron entry into the crusher.Then the crusher will reduce the pressure, reduce the spindle, increase the ore outlet, iron discharge, to prevent the damage of the cone crusher expansion.But in this process the damage to the crusher is very large.

(2) damage of all kinds of bushing

When the crushing chamber enters the iron, the hydraulic oil pressure that holds the spindle rises instantaneously and then decreases, and the spindle tilts at the same time when it falls, resulting in the heat burn of the thrust bearing.Moreover, when the spindle tilts, the oil film between the spindle and the eccentric copper sheath will be damaged, resulting in burns, check the metal chips of the oil filter, and even cause deformation and failure of the eccentric bush, the bush of the lower frame and other spare parts, causing the cone crusher to stop and disassemble for maintenance.

(3) excessive wear of wearing parts

When crushing cavity into the iron piece, if iron size is greater than the crusher row ore mouth, get stuck between the dynamic and fixed cone plate, into the iron makes the moving cone plate and fixed cone plate form rigid collision, lead to loose lining board or cracking, moving and fixed cone plate and arm bushing parts, such as excessive wear, seriously affect the normal use of parts, cycle, at the same time due to the fall in the spindle tore his arm in the process of oil seal, caused by the leakage of lubricating grease.

cone crusher

(4) the safety coupling shaft is locked

The safety coupling includes a hydraulic torque setting system.By adjusting the hydraulic pressure to release the torque, the required limit can be set.When the pre-set torque is exceeded, the safety coupling is released and the top of the shear tube is cut off by the shear ring, releasing the oil pressure in the coupling and allowing the coupling to rotate freely on the shaft.For design reasons, the safety coupling has a limited capacity to absorb other types of loads.For example, yield torque and radial torque, for this reason, the safety coupling cannot absorb the adjustment defect.When the cone crusher cavity suddenly appear hard objects (especially large iron), the coupling will bear the torque will exceed its limit, resulting in the coupling locked.

(5) excessive iron for a long time frequently causes spindle fracture and frame cracking

When the cone crusher chamber into the iron, uneven due to the impact force and the hydraulic oil pressure changes are in the next frame body and the spindle, and due to frequent a iron frame, main shaft fatigue, eventually make the crack of frame body return chute place, should be returned to the factory repair, repair many times lead to failure of scrapped, main shaft rupture scrap.

2. Solutions to prevent over-iron


To prevent the cone crusher from too much iron, mainly from the following three aspects:

cone crusher

(1) strengthen the spot inspection of wear of the belt funnel lining plate, and replace it in time if any problem is found, so as to prevent it from falling off and entering into the cone crusher.

(2) install a metal detector on the feeding belt of the cone crusher and pick up the iron parts of the belt system into the crusher to avoid damage.

(3) install an electronic pressure relief valve on the cone crusher. When the iron pieces enter the crusher and the pressure increases, immediately open the pressure relief valve to drain oil, lower the spindle and discharge the iron pieces.

When the cone crusher occurs due to over-iron or other fault, should be timely analysis and judgment of the fault, accurately find out the cause of the fault, and take effective measures to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the equipment, ensure the orderly production.

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