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Six advantages and maintenance of mobile crusher

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This paper mainly to share the advantages and maintenance of mobile crusher, hope to help you.

1. Advantages of mobile crusher


(1) strong mobility

The mobile crushing station is short in length, and an independent movable chassis can be used for different crushing equipment, which makes the wheelbase shorter and turning radius smaller, so that the machine can drive flexibly in the working area or on the road.

(2) the combination of the machine is flexible

The mobile station adopts integrated equipment installation forms such as feeding, conveying and crushing, which can not only eliminate the complicated operation of component installation, but also reduce the consumption of materials and working hours.The reasonable and compact space layout of the aircraft does not occupy the site, but also improves the flexibility of site location.

(3) strong adaptability

Mobile crushing station can be based on different crushing technology requirements, according to customer requirements to form "crushing before screening", or "screening before crushing" process.And the mobile station can be combined into two or three sections crushing and screening system according to the actual demand.In addition, the equipment can operate independently, with high flexibility in operation and transportation.

(4) low transportation cost of materials

The reduction of material transportation cost is mainly reflected in the fact that mobile crushing station can process materials on site, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of materials.

(5) convenient maintenance and reliable performance

Easy maintenance of machinery to obtain a good reputation after - sales focus.The mobile crushing station has been optimized and strengthened to accept the advantages of higher strength, better performance and more compact structure.

(6) the machine is directly and effectively operated on site

The mobile crushing station can not only be used independently, but also provide more flexible machine process configuration according to different requirements of customers, so as to meet various requirements of users on mobile crushing and mobile screening of machines, making logistics transfer more direct and effective, and reducing costs to the maximum.

mobile crusher

2. Mobile crusher maintenance method

Next we talk about the maintenance of mobile crusher, so that your machine can be used for a longer period of time.

(1) check the wear condition of internal parts of the machine regularly

Machine wear and tear on the internal components should be inspected regularly, such as center into the upper and lower feed tube, cone hat, impeller flow channel lining board, circular plate, a plate of wear, wear more serious to be in time for repair or replacement, at the same time, type and size, the weight of the replacement parts must be to change the parameters according to the original parts.

(2) good lubrication

It is necessary to pay attention to and timely lubricate the friction surface, and the grease used should be determined according to the place of use and the temperature conditions. Under normal circumstances, calcium base, sodium base and calcium sodium base grease should be used.The roller bearing raceway should be cleaned with clean gasoline or kerosene before the grease is added. The grease added to the bearing block should account for about 50% of its volume and be replaced every 3-6 months. This ensures the normal operation of the machine and prolongs its service life.

(3) keep the equipment clean

Often should keep the equipment clean, no dust, no pollution, no leak, no leakage, no leakage, no leakage, more attention should be paid to dust and other debris must not enter the lubrication system and lubrication part, because these impurities will not only destroy the lubricating oil film, and will increase cost equipment lubrication and wear, shorten the service life of equipment;In particular, attention should be paid to the regular cleaning of the bearing, the crusher after 2000 hours, open the spindle assembly to clean the bearing, general work after 7200 hours to replace the bearing.

3. Mobile crusher application range

(1) widely used in mine, coal mine, garbage and construction waste recycling, earth and stone works, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other site operations.

(2) treat topsoil and other materials;Separation of viscous aggregate;Construction and blasting industries;Sieve after crushing;Quarrying industry.

(3) artificial sand production of river pebbles, mountain stones (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings and stone chips.


4. Mobile crusher maintenance


(1) daily maintenance:

The equipment should be lubricated according to the requirements. Small and medium-sized equipment should be lubricated regularly with grease and lubricating oil.In large equipment, if the use of cone and large jaw crusher, generally have forced lubrication system.At this time, should often pay attention to the observation of oil temperature, oil pressure, flow and other parameters.A fastener that becomes loose.

(2) the equipment is in operation

Often pay attention to the noise and vibration of the equipment, excessive noise or vibration, should be quickly shut down for inspection.After troubleshooting, no-load restart should be carried out according to the starting sequence.

In the operation of the equipment, also pay attention to observe the quality of products, yield, when the quality and yield are not normal, may occur crusher, screening machine blockage or screen surface damage and other faults.


(3) maintenance

In order to maintain good service performance of the equipment, in addition to normal maintenance, the equipment should be repaired according to plan, including minor repair, medium repair and overhaul.

The overhaul plan of mobile crushing and screening equipment is put forward according to the inspection requirements of each part of the machinery used.As the maintenance plan of each machine is different, some machines can be replaced for maintenance when conditions permit.This can reduce downtime and improve the utilization of equipment.

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