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The difference between crushers and fine crushers

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Crusher and fine crushing machine from the name, the difference between the two seems not very big, as a crushing type of machine, its role is broken materials.But from the material type, the difference between the two is very big, how to choose the right equipment for the broken material?Today we will give a detailed introduction of these two products from the perspective of application operation.

1. The similarities

(1) both of them belong to the crushing equipment, which can carry out various crushing operations on materials and have the characteristics of adjustable discharge size, so they can be used in many different types of production lines.Crushers and fine crushers are most suitable for handling medium hardness materials, simple operation.

(2) crusher and fine crushing machine are environmental protection equipment, mainly reflected in the work will not make noise, will not cause damage to the environment.Both devices are advanced products in line with the development of The Times and will make more contributions to the mining industry in the future.

2. The difference between

(1) in the production process, the crusher also has a name, called "primary crushing", that is to say, the crusher is often used as the front-end equipment for the operation, and the crusher is usually called "secondary crushing", that is to say, the crusher is often used for the use of back-end equipment.

(2) in terms of material output, the output of the crushing machine is often more fine than the crushing machine, but the output of the crusher is much higher than the crushing machine.When selecting equipment, users need to choose more suitable equipment according to different needs of the production line.

Crusher and crusher have many similarities, but also have a lot of differences, the choice of equipment needs to the function of the equipment, the role of many aspects of comparison, under the advice of professionals, choose the most appropriate equipment.

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