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How to check and maintain pulverized coal burner?

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Pulverized coal burner is one of the commonly used mechanical equipment for coal processing and utilization in the process of the burner should pay attention to the detection of pulverized coal burner timely maintenance can extend the service life of pulverized coal burner

Generally speaking, we should do the following:

1. Check whether the lining plate and the fixing bolt of the machine body are loose at the shattered parts. The loose parts should be firm, and the lining plate should be replaced with new parts due to serious wear;

2. Check whether the connecting bolts of fan blades are loose and wear seriously. If they are loose, they should be strengthened or replaced;

3. Check the inside of the combustion furnace to remove scale and repair the lining;

4. Check the bearing lubrication condition of the bearing room before and after the host machine. If grease is found, clean it and replace it with new grease, depending on the shaft

Determine whether to replace the wear condition;

5. Check the external bolts of the machine and make them firm;

6. Open the main engine and check the wear condition of hammer. If the wear is serious, replace it with new parts.

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