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Take you in-depth understanding of the jaw crusher

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With the progress of the China national machinery industry, our country slowly in the use of performance improvements of jaw crusher, jaw crusher performance had greatly improved, here is how to optimize the main performance parameters of the jaw crusher and design, to ensure the crusher has the best performance in use, thus saving energy, increase production efficiency.

The working part of the crusher is two jaw plates, one is fixed jaw plate (fixed jaw), vertical (or slightly outward) fixed in the front wall of the body, the other is the movable jaw plate (moving jaw), the position is inclined, and the fixed jaw plate to form a small crushing cavity (working cavity).The movable jaw moves back and forth periodically against the fixed jaw, sometimes apart, sometimes close together.When separated, the material enters the crushing chamber and the finished product is discharged from the lower part.When approached, the material between the two jaw plates is crushed, bent, and split.The jaw crusher can be divided into simple swing jaw crusher (simple swing jaw crusher) according to the swing mode of the movable jaw plate.There are three kinds of complex swing jaw crusher (double swing jaw crusher) and comprehensive swing jaw crusher.

Temperature of friction parts in jaw crusher.

Jaw crusher in high-speed operation, because of friction power consumption, all into heat, causing the temperature of friction components to rise.When using lubricating oil for lubrication, constantly absorb heat from the friction surface to be distributed, or provide a certain amount of oil will be tropical, so that the temperature of the friction surface decreases.Moving jaw temperature.The jaw crusher crushes the material by using the up and down action of the jaw plate repeatedly, the upper and lower parts of the moving jaw are close to the fixed jaw plate, after crushing the material, the moving jaw leaves the fixed jaw, and the product is discharged from the discharge port.It can be seen that the working intensity of the moving jaw is high, and the temperature of the moving jaw is easy to appear abnormal. When the temperature rises to a certain limit, the damage of the jaw plate will be caused. When necessary, some measures should be taken to solve the abnormal temperature rise of the moving jaw, to avoid the shutdown caused by equipment failure and reduce the production benefit.

Bearing temperature.

Jaw crusher in high temperature work, should always pay attention to the temperature of the bearing, make it maintain a good lubrication state, and pay attention to sound and vibration are not abnormal.If it is found to be abnormal, stop immediately to check the cause and confirm whether it is stuck by non-breakable objects or whether the hammer head and other parts are damaged.

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