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Do you know the environmental protection lime rotary kiln?

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Environmental protection lime rotary kiln adopts energy saving calcining method.Energy saving through advanced calcining mechanism: the kiln body design of lime rotary kiln adopts the fully sealed calcining mechanism, and the refractory insulation layer inside the lime rotary kiln is composed of four layers in total: high aluminum brick, light insulation brick, heat insulation fiber and steel furnace shell.

The outer shell of lime rotary kiln adopts steel shell structure.

Slightly good, lime kiln refractory insulation design life of more than 6 years.In order to use energy efficiently, the upper and lower parts of the rotary kiln use heat exchange, which greatly reduces heat loss from the upper and lower parts.The combustion supporting air is pumped from the lower part of the rotary kiln, and the finished ash is cooled by heat exchange with the finished ash from the lower part of the kiln, so that the finished ash temperature is below 39℃.

The upper part of the rotary kiln raw material is added to the kiln, and heat exchange is carried out with the rising high temperature flue gas to form the preheating zone of raw material, so that the upper part of the rotary kiln flue gas temperature is below 140℃.The fuel calorific value utilization rate is above 80%.Rotary kiln adopts frequency converter device, rotary kiln equipment energy saving operation.The power used in the rotary kiln production, such as roots fan, hoist, disk-out aircraft, cloth dispenser and so on, is controlled and operated by frequency converter.The phenomenon of large horse-drawn cart and no-load operation is avoided, and the average electric energy of lime rotary kiln is more than 45%.

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