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The development history of hammer head of crusher is analyze

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Foundry industry in China, the number of practitioners.And in the crusher accessories set foot in the field is layer see repeatedly, talent.But the number of practitioners who know about the development of crusher hammers may be numbered.Jiangsu LVSSN has summarized some knowledge about hammer breaking and I would like to share it with you.

1. Hammer head of crusher in last century

Hammer head as a hammer broken "heart", it works is arranged in the crusher rotor hammer shaft, in the hammer crusher operation directly hit materials.

Before the 1970s: ordinary white cast iron, wear-resistant ductile iron mainly;

After the 1970s: in the cement industry developed a number of new dry production lines, reliable wear resistance of high chromium cast iron has become a popular;

In the 1980s, high chromium hammerhead made a breakthrough. Low chromium, medium chromium and high chromium cast iron came out and were put into production in large quantities.High chromium cast iron and steel bimetallic composite cast iron are also used successively.In 1999, GB/ t8263-1999 "anti-wear white cast iron" was formulated.


2. Evolution history of hammer head of crusher

In recent years, the technology of high chromium hammer head has emerged endlessly, and the ductile iron with martensite matrix, austenitic matrix and martensitic matrix has been developed successively. China has independently developed manganese white wear-resistant cast iron, boron white wear-resistant cast iron, tungsten white cast iron and so on.Them in laboratory mill lining board and application are slurry pump, the recent heavy hammer crusher and replaces the hammer crusher, jaw crusher, counterattack crusher and impact crusher, hammer crusher in the market to the masses of users has been review good, heavy hammer crusher not only yield high, function, and slow the abrasion of the bimetal hammer.

Reversible hammer crusher is the crushing equipment commonly used in coal, metallurgy, mining, building materials and electric power industries.Hammer head is one of the main wear parts, currently mainly made of high manganese steel.But its poor wear resistance, short service life, need frequent replacement, which not only waste manpower and financial resources, and affect the normal work.Therefore, improving the life of hammerhead has become a thorny issue at present.


3. Working principle of hammer crusher

When the material falls into the crushing chamber from the feeding port, it will collide with the high-speed rotating hammer head. The broken material will be on the grate with a certain gap at a high speed.

4. Hammer head failure analysis

Hammerhead during work, in addition to the impact, but also by the erosion of materials, so long-term repeated use, hammerhead working face will be damaged, make the surface shape change, if used in reversible crusher, hammerhead on both sides of the edges and corners will be ground into a smooth arc.When the shape of the hammer head does not change in the early working period, the hammer head is mainly affected by impact wear, and the material strikes the metal surface with positive force to produce plastic deformation and impact crater.When the working face of the hammer head is ground into an arc, the surface force changes, the former has an impact on the hammer head, and the latter has a cutting and scouring effect on the hammer face.Although the impact of materials can produce a certain amount of work hardening, the impact force is not enough to form a strong hardening layer on the working face of the hammer head, resulting in insufficient abrasion resistance of the hammer head, and finally making the hammer head fail in the early working stage.Therefore, the hardness of hammerhead can be improved to improve its wear resistance, thus reducing impact wear;Increasing toughness of materials can inhibit the formation and expansion of cracks and reduce erosion wear.Therefore, choosing the right material is the basic way to improve the life of hammer head.

At present, the main types of hammer head in the domestic market are forging hammer head, high manganese steel hammer head, high chromium alloy hammer head, hard alloy hammer head, manganese steel hammer head is widely used in China, its shortcomings are relatively obvious, lack of wear resistance, service life is very short, large amount of consumables.The existing bimetal hammer head in the domestic market is a kind of high chromium alloy hammer head.

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