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Effect of low quality coal in pulverized coal burner of rota

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This is a strict requirement for the flame in rotary kiln operation. In order to meet the requirement, the fuel must be high quality coal.Practical production experience shows that when the ash content of coal exceeds 25%, every 1% increase in ash content reduces the output by 1%.For multi-channel pulverized coal burners, the requirement of coal quality is not as harsh as that of single air duct, which can not only burn low quality coal, but also become the combustible waste of the second fuel.

Low-quality coal is also called low-activity coal. For rotary kiln, low-quality coal, low-volatile coal and anthracite coal are all low-activity coal.At present, there is no strict and clear definition of coal type at home and abroad, mainly because different kiln types have different demands for coal quality.As for the concept of low-quality coal, we hereby explain it in accordance with the concept commonly used in the cement industry:

(1) low-quality coal: volatile content ≥20%, ash content ≥28%, low calorific value < 5000kCal/kg;

(2) low-volatile coal: ash content ≤25%, low calorific value ≥5000kCal/kg, volatile content in the range of 10%~20%;

(3) high-volatile coal: coal with volatile > 30% and low calorific value ≤5000kCal/kg;

(4) anthracite: volatile content < 10%, ash content is high and low.

Low quality coal has been widely used in various rotary kilns because of the research of combustion theory and the appearance of pulverized coal burners.Because burning low quality coal can greatly reduce the cost of cement and increase the economic, social and environmental benefits of enterprises, it has become a hot topic in China.However, there are still some enterprises do not understand the relevant technology, still can not be used in the enterprise.

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