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The main reason of "flying car" failure of cone crusher

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Cone crusher crusher is an important crushing machinery, with a large crushing ratio, high output, less power consumption, fine and uniform product granularity, suitable for crushing hard and high hard ore and other special, is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, water conservancy, construction and other industrial fields."Flying car" is unique to the cone crusher crusher is also a common fault in its operation.This article shares the main causes and treatment measures of the "flying car" failure of the cone crusher crusher.

1. What does "flying car" mean?

Dynamic cone part of cone crusher in the process of production at a certain speed do periodic rotating pendulum movement, but often because of some special reasons, there will be a dynamic cone speed suddenly increase, the body's sudden severe vibration, insurance spring or cylinder in abnormal working state, the working current increases, in an instant return oil temperature rise sharply, this is the so-called coasters.
Cone crusher

2. The "flying" reason

2.1 poor quality of inner wall of cone sleeve

Cone sleeve inner wall quality is not up to standard, resulting in cone sleeve and the spindle between the formation of point friction, oil film is damaged, resulting in the spindle rotation out of control, resulting in "flying".

2.2 improper gap between copper sleeve and spindle

When assembling, too large or too small gap between the copper sleeve and the spindle will affect the cone crusher.When the clearance is too large, the cone sleeve and the main shaft will collide, and the moving cone will violently swing, resulting in strong vibration of the body.If the gap is too small, the lubricating oil at the contact place between the copper sleeve and the spindle may be reduced or drained, and the lubricating oil film cannot be formed or the oil film thickness is not enough, resulting in "flying car".

2.3 improper scraping and grinding of ball tile

If the maintenance of the ball tile scraping improper, will lead to contact spherical radius smaller, increase the speed of the circumference line, when the speed is too high will slowly form the centrifugal force, resulting in "flying" phenomenon.

2.4 excessive load of cone sleeve

When the cone sleeve is running, there are non-broken things into the broken cavity (iron), resulting in excessive load, resulting in zinc irrigation of the fixed cone sleeve off, causing the cone sleeve on the channel, the gap between the spindle and the cone sleeve becomes smaller, forming the "holding shaft", the spindle will follow the eccentric sleeve to run quickly and "speed".

2.5 poor lubrication

Due to the failure of dustproof device or lax sealing, some dust in the crushing cavity enters into the lubricating oil road, resulting in poor lubrication between lubrication parts (the bottom of the crushing cone and spherical bearing, the moving cone and eccentric sleeve, the bevel gear and the horizontal shaft and the shaft sleeve) and friction.The oil temperature of the lubrication system keeps rising. When the temperature is close to or higher than 55℃, the viscosity of the oil decreases, and the oil film in the ball ball cannot be effectively formed, thus causing the phenomenon of "flying car".

3. How to solve the "flying car" problem

In general, there are two main reasons for the cone crusher "flying" : first, maintenance and adjustment lead to the gap between the spindle and the cone sleeve is too small or improper ball tile scraping;The second is improper operation and maintenance, oil unqualified or invalid.Therefore, the problem of "flying car" can be solved from the following aspects:

3.1 ensure full contact between spindle and cone sleeve

Ensure the assembly clearance of the inner and outer holes of the cone sleeve, ensure the contact between the spindle and the cone sleeve along the full length (add a backing plate on the spherical bearing bush seat to change the clearance between the cone sleeve and the moving cone), and the cone sleeve and the shaft sleeve must be fixed with melted zinc alloy to ensure that there is no relative movement between them.

3.2 reasonable assembly clearance of empty eccentric shaft sleeve and nylon vertical sleeve

Excessive clearance will cause large inclination of empty eccentric shaft and spindle, which will cause the moving cone and eccentric sleeve not to contact all the way, which will cause partial overheating of the liner, increase the swing range, and aggravate the vibration.Too small can cause internal and external bushing heat.

3.3 select lubricating oil carefully

The choice of lubricating oil should be in strict accordance with the requirements of the number of equipment to ensure that the indicators and standards consistent, especially pay attention to viscosity and liquidity.Make sure the grease level of the lubricating oil is up to par. Spoiled or dirty oil will speed up the gears, wear out the bushing and bowl-shaped tiles, and even grind the bushing to death.

3.4 even feeding

Cone crusher work, feed to uniform, not offset.If the material is uneven, the production capacity will be reduced, the product size is too large, the spring action is frequent, the bowl-shaped bearing pressure is large, the power consumption increases.Too much pressure can also cause "flying" and broken shaft accidents.

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