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Knowledge of overhaul and adjustment of grate cooler

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1. Redetermination of the center line of grate cooler

The air chamber of the grate cooler shell has been closed after production, and the position of the center line has not existed when the original installation.Because the adjustment of each part of the grate cooler is based on the Central Line, it is very important to determine the Central Line to solve the problem of frame deviation.

As shown in the figure, measure the center position value of bolt holes of fixed beams on the two side frames, measure several groups, determine the center line position with its average value, mark it and pull a fine lead wire, which is the redetermined center line.



2. Drive shaft adjustment

1) axial positioning of drive shaft.As shown in the figure, the midpoint O of A and B inside the two symmetrical flanges of the drive shaft should coincide with the Central Line of grate cooler, and the deviation should not exceed ±1mm.

2) horizontal adjustment of center line of drive shaft.Make use of the frame level instrument to adjust the level of the center line of the drive shaft to ≤0.1mm/m.

3) adjust the verticality of the center line of the drive shaft and the center line of the grate cooler.In the grate cooler center line to take a point C, you can adjust the vertical.


3, driven shaft adjustment

1) axial positioning of driven shaft.Make the center point of the driven shaft coincide with the Central Line of grate cooler, the deviation is not more than ±1mm.

2) level adjustment.By measuring the center distance between the two ends of the shaft head of the main and driven shaft, the perpendicularity can be ≤0.2mm/m.


4. Activity framework adjustment

1) center line alignment.Determine the center line of the moving frame, make it coincide with the center line of grate cooler, the deviation is no more than 1mm.

2) adjustment of supporting wheel of the movable frame.The replacement and adjustment of the supporting wheel and guide rail of the movable frame also play a certain role in solving the problem of running deviation. The specific steps are as follows:

(1) supporting wheel installation should ensure that the guide rail from the supporting wheel groove on both sides of the gap are 2mm.

(2) after the guide rail and the supporting wheel are installed, the center line should be parallel to the grate cooler's center line.

(3) by adding gaskets in the base of the guide rail to adjust the vertical clearance of the grate plate.

3) level adjustment of the activity framework.Since the inclination Angle of the moving frame in the first and second sections is 3°, the Angle requirement should be ensured in the adjustment, and the level of the third section should be guaranteed.The specific method is to measure the elevation with the level instrument in the place supported by the supporting wheel and calculate the difference of the elevation.

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