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Common failure and preventive measures of humidifying tower

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We attach great importance to environmental protection and energy conservation, conscientiously implement the national regulations on environmental protection and energy conservation, adopt advanced technology and equipment, take effective measures to control and control dust pollution, reduce material production losses, ensure that the dust concentration at each discharge point meets the national standards, and fully reflect the requirements of environmental protection and clean production.

1. Dust bucket is prone to accumulation and blockage during operation.

Dust under the action of gravity and water particle adsorption of subsidence to the humidifying tower bottom set ash hopper, hopper Angle more gentle, dust particles in the wet easy adhesion, back to grey ability are deposited ash hopper in the operation of the small are likely to cause congestion, and at the same time set ash hopper shell outside heat preservation effect is poor, easy to cause to collect dust ash hopper wall dewing damp easy adhesion.

Preventive measures to check and reform the ash hopper Angle, increase the Angle, make the back ash slide smoothly;The second is to do the outside insulation of humidifying tower, reduce the condensation of shell inner wall;Thirdly, the ash return quantity is regularly detected to evaluate whether the conveying capacity of the screw ash return conveying device can meet the demand of ash return during operation.Fourth, do a good job in the daily maintenance of the spray gun, reduce the dust due to poor atomization effect caused by wet dust adhesion caused by dust bucket blocking accident.


2. Easy to "wet bottom" in operation.

Due to the poor atomization effect of spraying water, the dust is wet and easy to adhere to cause the dust bucket blocking accident, also known as "wet bottom", the main reason is the humidifier tower spray gun spray atomization effect is poor, or the distribution and length of the spray gun is not reasonable.The main reasons for the poor spray atomization effect of the humidifier tower water gun are big fluctuation of water pressure, low water pressure, serious wear of the nozzle of the water gun, etc. The key is to ensure the stable water level of the water tank, water filter device does not block the smooth flow of water, and at the same time to regularly switch the multi-stage booster pump maintenance.Water spray gun should also be constantly switching maintenance, prepare enough nozzle spare parts, temporarily do not use water spray gun in operation to be external and rain and rust resistant materials will be water gun tightly wrapped (pay attention to the water spray gun jack with cover plate cover, prevent air leakage).

Spray gun distribution and the length of collocation is not reasonable cause "wet bottom", the complete system needed to wind direction and trend analysis, at the same time take into account the humidifying tower itself cylinder set up at the entrance guide plate and the air distribution plate balance cylinder section wind speed and traffic, everywhere experience, two spear can't continuous arrangement, two pike can continuous arrangement.In fact, the central wind speed and wind temperature are higher than the surrounding wind speed and wind temperature.

3. Water spray gun is easy to be blocked during operation

There are two reasons why water spray gun is easy to block in operation, one is poor water quality, scale or impurities blocked.Second, it is in operation

Temporarily do not use water spray gun is not external, resulting in the nozzle is blocked by dust.

Preventive measures are to clean the water tank and filter regularly, and to check and exchange the water gun regularly.Filter damage and timely replacement;Two is temporarily not used in the operation of the water gun to external and rain rust resistant materials will be water gun tightly wrapped (pay attention to the water gun jack with cover plate cover, put an end to air leakage)


4. The water level of the water tank is not stable, and it is easy to break or overflow

The floating ball valve of the main water tank is abnormal, the original design is a floating ball valve, patrol inspection and routine inspection are not in place, resulting in the floating ball valve is easy to damage, can be technical transformation, set up two floating ball valves, the upper and lower layout height difference is 500mm, improve the reliability of the floating ball valve, keep the water level of the tank stable 2 meters.In this way, the water supply of humidifying tower is stable, the work is stable, and the influence on the kiln grinding condition of the system is reduced.

5. Cracking of humidifying tower shell

The main reason is the poor welding quality at the welding spot. The shell with poor welding quality may produce stress concentration, which may lead to tearing or opening at the welding place and aggravate the damage under the action of high temperature and high pressure.Preventive measures are strict construction specifications during installation and welding, general attention to welding joints to full welding and reach the height of the designed seam, welding joints can be strengthened by welding channel steel.When the cylinder butt welding, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of cross welding seam, and the welding seam should be staggered more than 2 meters, which is the cylinder butt welding seam, all of which need full welding.To internal and external welding, to clean slag after a layer of welding.At the same time, each weld shall be submitted to the construction unit for inspection before entering the next procedure.

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