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Replace the liner plate of the cone crusher

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Cone crusher is a very important equipment in the crushing system.According to the different crushing technology, it can be used as medium crushing, fine crushing or super crushing crusher.As the crushing material is usually very abrasive, so it is necessary to regularly replace the crusher wear - resistant liner, to ensure the integrity of the equipment and good performance.

1. When replacing the lining board, prepare some necessary materials in advance in the workshop, which can minimize the maintenance downtime of the crusher.These materials are:

A. Moving cone liner.

B. The cutting ring cannot be reused, so a new cutting ring should be installed each time the moving cone liner is replaced.

C. Fixed cone liner.

D. Packing for cushioning (shock absorption) rather than fixing the liner.It is recommended to lubricate the moving cone/fixed cone for easy replacement in the future.

E. Conical feeding tray, also known as feeding cone bucket.Each time the replacement of moving cone liner, should be replaced.

F. Hexagon head bolts to be replaced only when necessary.

G. The locking nut of the movable cone liner does not need to be replaced every time the movable cone liner is replaced, but one set of stock should be kept for ready use.

H. Square head bolts do not need to be replaced every time the liner is replaced, but one set of stock should be maintained for ready use.

2. Other abrasives that should be checked each time the liner is replaced include:

• host frame guard plate;

• counterweight guard plate;

• horizontal shaft guard plate;

• main frame rib guard plate.

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