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Can you derive the parameters of the vertical mill?

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Vertical mill is widely used in the grinding of cement raw materials, as a complete machine by the motor, reducer, mill roller composed of the grinding device, as well as the powder separator.Due to its unique structure, set grinding and powder selection in one, compared with ordinary tube grinding, can save about 30% electricity, and investment less land area small.Can you derive the parameters of the vertical mill?

1. Speed of vertical mill

The speed of the mill determines the material on the grinding disc residence time, must be balanced with the grinding speed, different forms of the mill speed is different, but the material's centrifugal force requirements are the same, the following is the calculation formula of the mill speed

Vertical mill parameter formula

Where, K is the coefficient, LM=58.5

Atox MPS = 56.0 = 51.0

RM= 54.0d is the diameter of the grinding disc (m) n is the speed of the grinding disc (revolutions per minute)


2. Production capacity of mill

Raw material vertical mill drying and grinding, its ability is determined by the smaller side, grinding ability and roller pressure, easy to wear, size, mill specifications, its grinding ability can be calculated by the following formula.

Vertical mill parameter formula

Where, when G is stage, tons per hour.

D is the diameter of the grinding disc, unit meter

K is the coefficient.LM = 9.6 MPS = 6.6


3. Drying capacity of vertical mill

The drying capacity of vertical mill is generally calculated by the manufacturers after the experimental data of raw materials are obtained.

The relationship between the output and fineness of vertical mill:

The output of vertical mill is closely related to fineness

Vertical mill parameter formula

However, the above formula is troublesome to use. In fact, the increase in output is closely related to the increase in fineness. For raw materials, the increase is 3 to 4 percent per percentage point, and for cement and pulverized coal, the increase is about 2 percent.

4. Mill roll:

For the roll pressure of grinding roller, it is not easy to calculate, generally using the projection area of grinding roller calculation, generally choose 800 kn per square meter for design.

Installed power of the mill:


Vertical mill parameter formula

Where K is a constant LM=72.5

Atox = 63.9

The RM = 42.2

N is installed power (kw)

The process of parameter deduction and calculation of vertical mill is relatively complicated, which is easy to remember after simplification.If you have any questions, please leave a message with us online.

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