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Choose to buy the main points of crusher equipment

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With the rapid development of industrial construction, the types and types of crushing equipment are also increasing.The increasing types and models of crushing equipment provide more choices for users, and at the same time, customers are faced with the situation that they do not know how to choose appropriate crushing equipment when selecting crushing equipment.Choose to buy the main points of crusher equipment

For an aggregate sand and stone plant, different capacity and function of the crushing equipment to configure the production line to meet production requirements.So how to choose to adapt to their own stone field production requirements of the crusher equipment?

jaw crusher

1. Characteristics of stone

The hardness, mud content and water content of the stone are very important data. In addition, the head breaking equipment should be selected according to the maximum particle size of the stone.

If the hardness of broken stone is too large, such as granite, basalt, pebbles and other stone, can choose jaw crusher, cone crusher for crushing;Less rigid stones, such as limestone, can choose the impact crusher for secondary crushing.

To minimize the wear of the tooth plate and other wearing parts, that is to save the production cost, but also improve the production efficiency.

cone crusher

2. Requirements on product quality

The customer's requirements on the size of the finished product, stone shape and other requirements also determine what kind of crushing equipment should be chosen.If the size of the crushed sand is different, the screening equipment should be equipped for screening.

In many projects, sand if the soil content is too high, also need sand washing machine, add a sand washing process.

impact crusher

3. Use of finished products

Need to according to the user finished stone configuration of stone production equipment reasonable arrangement.For example, highway, high-speed railway, dyke and other projects have high requirements on stone materials. If such projects are constructed with cracks and sharp corners, the risk of project collapse will be increased.The impact crusher is usually used to treat the stone material to meet the standard of fine material.

When choosing crushing equipment, users should take the above three points into full consideration and choose crushers according to their actual needs. If you need, you can leave a message with us, and we can give you more choices.

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