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Do you know what measures can be taken to improve the effici

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Cement grinding is one of the important processes of cement production. At present, the grinding system composed of roller mill and tube mill is the most common and dominant. Meanwhile, roller mill plays an increasingly important role in the process of cement grinding.Do you know what measures can be taken to improve the efficiency of the roller press?

1. Reasonable control of feed particle size to achieve saturated feeding

The grinding system composed of roller press and tube mill, first of all, the control of material particle size, material particle gradation, only in this way, can make the material more compact, not into more air, not make the material in the process of rolling gun, roller press can be stable operation, out of the material cake will also be compact, continuous.Also control the stable bin, avoid segregation of materials, so that the proportion of fine powder and particles is appropriate.At the same time, the particle size of the material is controlled to be no more than 3.5% of the roller diameter.Third, to ensure the bin material level and the height of the feeding column, to achieve the roller press saturated feeding, avoid interruption.Fourthly, roller press of new material, back to the material, grinding machine return to a reasonable proportion of coarse powder of master, or it will reduce the roll bite ability to press for material, cause the loss of production efficiency, can also cause described earlier blasting phenomenon, if increase fine powder, also can cause material without crushing directly discharged from the roll gap, make the roller press roller compaction failure, so it is very important to fully mixing of powder, granule.

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2. Reduce the edge material effect of roller press

Check and adjust the gap and wear between the end and side plate of the roller press frequently. It is better to control the gap between the end and side plate of the roller press within 3mm, so as to reduce the amount of material escaping without extrusion.The smaller the clearance between the side plate and the end face of the roller press, the stronger the lateral blocking ability of the material, forcing the material to pass through the normal rolling area of the roller press, so that the material can be compacted and crushed more easily and the rolling effect can be improved.

3. Increase the pressure to improve the yield of fine powder

The production rate of fine powder is the most important index of the roller press, related to output and energy consumption, and the system output is proportional to the relationship, is very critical, the pressure of the recommended roller pressure zone is not less than 100MPa, making the production rate of fine powder 0.08 sieve less than 60%, that is, qualified products are not less than 40%, so the system output natural increase.As for the oil cylinder pressure at this time, it can be estimated above, and it is not repeated here.At the same time, it is also reminded that we should try to avoid the practice of low-pressure large circulation, because although the volume of low-pressure large circulation roller is greatly improved, but the actual qualified product production rate is not high, will also cause the transmission cycle system energy consumption increased, relatively reduced system efficiency.

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4. Maintain proper roll surface to bite into materials normally

Roll surface is normal, related to the roll press bite into the efficiency of the material, so maintain a good pattern layer is also very important, should often check the wear of the roll surface, once the pattern layer disappeared, it should be timely planning to deal with.Maintain the ability of the roller to guide the material.Otherwise, the roll face material friction, bite into the ability to reduce, roll press output will be reduced, affect the output of the roll press.In addition, when there is a pit on the roller surface, the pressure on the material in the pit will be reduced, the amount of crushing and fineness will be reduced, so when there is no pattern or pit on the roller surface, functional repair must be carried out to avoid the decrease in efficiency, about the repair method, can be carried out according to the welding method on the roller surface of the roller press.

5. Break or break

Both the micro-selection system of the roller press and the powder selection system of the mill should maintain good production efficiency.In the roller press system is the first to break or break the material cake, only in this way to separate qualified products, so it is very important to break, when the impact pieces wear to a certain extent such as wear a third of the time should be replaced or re-surfacing, to ensure that there is enough impact ability;When selection is used, to ensure that the first, is expected to bread drop height, or the bread crushing degree will be discounted, even if the crush of products is also difficult to separate, there are also some suggest drop height not less than 4.5 m for reference, at the same time also in remind, when selected internal anvil expires, should also be handled in time, avoid the influence degree of broken.At the same time to use reasonable wind, qualified powder into the mill.This is also the case with the separator of the mill system. Try to separate the product as soon as possible, otherwise the output of the system will be reduced and the energy consumption will be increased.

The method of increasing production of roller press varies according to different conditions of each factory. Please implement effective measures according to specific conditions. You can also contact our customer service for online consultation.

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