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How much do you know about installation of cone crusher?

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Cone crusher is a very important equipment in the crushing equipment, in the crushing, sand production line application is very frequent.Good choice of equipment is the first, the equipment is better after the installation of the more important.How much do you know about installation of cone crusher?

1. The cone crusher shall be supplied after installation by the manufacturer. After receiving the cone crusher, the user shall check and eliminate all kinds of problems arising in transportation before installation.

2. When installation, the longitudinal horizontal tolerance of the bottom plane of the frame of the cone crusher is 0.5mm/m, and the horizontal horizontal tolerance (measured on the spindle) is 0.15mm /m.

cone crusher

3. The parts on the upper part of the frame shall be assembled after leveling and straightening the frame and tightening the anchor bolts.

4. The cone crusher must be checked comprehensively before starting.The fastness of the fixed parts, the lubrication of each part and the proper tension of the triangle belt should be the focus of inspection.

5, the inspection must cut off the main circuit switch, and on the switch hanging a clear sign, marked "do not close" and other words.

6, the cone crusher must start with no load, no load test run shall not be less than 2 hours, during the test run should pay attention to observe the work of the cone crusher, if found abnormal phenomenon immediately stop, and find out the reason;The machine can be restarted after elimination.

cone crusher


7, the ore should be uniformly fed into the crushing chamber of the cone crusher by the feeder.Start load test should be given a small amount of ore, gradually transition to half-load, full.If the ore block into the crusher is too large or too much ore, or often fall into non-broken material (metal block) will speed up the wear and damage of the machine.Therefore, it is necessary to control the large piece of ore and non-broken material falling into the machine and maintain even feeding.

8. When the cone crusher is working, the stable maintenance temperature of the bearing shall not exceed 75℃. If it exceeds the temperature, the machine shall stop immediately to remove the fault.

9, cone crusher stop, should first cut off to the ore feed.After the ore in the crushing chamber is completely broken, the power supply of the main motor is cut off and shut down.

10. Centralized oil supply system is adopted for lubrication.When feeding oil, pay attention to the amount of oil on the bracket support surface.The user can also supply oil directly from the grease gun to the grease hole of the bearing.Don't waste too much.The user can adjust the oil feeder of the lubrication system to achieve the purpose of reasonable oil supply.

cone crusher

11, the discharge port of the cone crusher can be adjusted according to the specification, the user can according to the required size and the wear of the tooth plate in the work, change the number of shim in the support at any time, in order to adjust the discharge port, to obtain a satisfactory size.

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