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How should the roller press be inspected?

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Roller press as the main machine equipment of grinding, its running quality directly affects the benefits of the enterprise, must do a good job of inspection work, do hidden trouble, fault timely discovery, timely treatment, roller press should be how inspection?I'd like to share with you today.

roller press

1. Structure composition of roller press

In terms of its structure, the roller press consists of transmission part, power part, pressure system, frame part, rolling part, feeding device and other large parts.Automation is mainly displacement sensor, temperature, pressure and other primary components.Then the inspection is carried out in it.

roller press

2. Roll press inspection content

Roll press inspection content is more, but summed up, can do a few aspects of work.

2.1 inspection of power motor

The two main motors of the roller press respectively provide power for the stationary roller and stationary roller.During the inspection, the temperature, sound and vibration of the stator and bearing shall be first detected by touching, listening and testing, and compared with the central control or field display instrument to see whether it is consistent.

2.2 inspection of transmission reducer

On the reducer inspection, mainly check the temperature, vibration, lubrication, oil level, listen to gear, bearing sound.Check whether the torsion support shaking is abnormal, whether there is abnormal sound caused by looseness, whether the movable joints are flexible, whether the lubrication is in place, etc.

2.3 patrol inspection of pressurization system

The main contents of the inspection of the pressurization system include whether the oil station is short of oil or leaking oil, whether the pipelines and valves are leaking oil, whether the manual switch is normal, whether the oil cylinder jacket is damaged, whether the field pressure indication is consistent with the central control.Whether the accumulator drops oil, whether the fixture is loose, whether there is leakage phenomenon, etc.


2.4 inspection of feeding device

Feeding device mainly checks whether wear, whether leakage, whether the bar valve opening is moderate, adjust the plug plate or other feeding valve is abnormal.

2.5 rack inspection

Check the frame including whether the anchor bolts are loose, whether the upper and lower beam plates are cracked, whether the connection bolts between the beam and column are loose, whether the shear locating pin is abnormal, whether the connection with the torsion support is normal, whether the clearance limit block of the fixed roller is normal, etc.

roller press

2.6 cover inspection

Check if the roller cover is graying, rubbing against the roller, and properly connecting with other parts.

2.7 roll inspection

The inspection of the roller includes the inspection of wear of the roller surface, the inspection of the main bearing, which is mainly concerned with temperature, lubrication, noise and vibration, and the inspection of the bearing seat for deviation.

2.8 cooling system inspection

Water cooling system inspection includes two parts, one is whether the spindle cooling water leakage, rotating joint is flexible, water pressure, water flow is normal.The second is whether the cooling water of the reducer is normal.

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