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How should the roller press operate?

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Tube mill, vertical mill, roller mill three types of mill, according to the grinding principle can be divided into two categories: unit grinding, material layer grinding.In today's commonly used material layer grinding equipment, roller press in the coarse grinding stage should be the most efficient.Roller press can make the material in a short time through the pressure zone, a huge amount of energy, by the transfer of extrusion pressure between the material, the strength of the material layer is low, large particle size, defective particles are soon crushed or small particles, and filled in the gap, the bulk density of the material layer increased.In the process of comminution and compression, the material is initially stressed from the starting point of pressure (pull in Angle) until the end of the zero point of pressure.How should the roller press operate?

roller press

1. Operate the key point of roller press

The main task of operating the roller press is to balance the contradiction between the roller pressure and the thickness of the cake.The pressure of grinding roller is a high pressure of 50-200mpa applied to the grinding roller by the hydraulic system, and the two grinding rollers should be parallel to ensure that the grinding roller applies force evenly to the passing material;According to the reasonable thickness of the material cake, determine to apply appropriate pressure to the grinding roller: the pressure is too small, can not improve the extrusion effect of the material;If the pressure is too large, not only the grinding roller to bear a greater load, to be limited by the rated power of the motor, and the material cake is too tight, is not conducive to breaking and powder selection.

roller press

2. Roller seam of roller press

It is necessary to control the thickness of the cake so that the material can fully accept the pressure, and has enough material layer and reasonable particle size composition.That is, according to the different nature of the material and the stable amount of grinding roller, the formation of a reasonable distance between the roller seam.

roller press

3. Main task of roller press operator

In the three factors that affect the efficiency of the roller press (extrusion pressure, grinding roller speed and cake thickness), when the specifications and parameters of the roller press have been determined, as the operator can adjust the means are: grinding roller spacing (roller gap), grinding roller pressure, feeding amount, feed control (powder selection ability), air volume;If the roller press does not use the final grinding process, the operation also needs to be compatible with the equipped tube mill.

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