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How to crack the flywheel of jaw crusher?

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The flywheel and groove wheel of jaw crusher are respectively installed on both sides of the eccentric shaft. The main function of flywheel is to balance the weight of the groove wheel, and the second function is to store energy.How to crack the flywheel of jaw crusher?

1. There are three main reasons for crack of jaw crusher

Flywheel of jaw crusher

(1) material problem

The flywheel and belt wheel of jaw crusher are generally made of grey cast iron because of its low cost and easy processing.But the shortcoming of gray cast iron is brittleness is bigger, mechanical property is poor, suffer external force to produce crack easily.

(2) operating conditions

Affected by the mining process, into the crusher ore block is larger, easy to occur jaw crusher or ore boring machine phenomenon, sometimes have to deal with explosives, which is inevitable to jaw crusher or even flywheel impact, a long time will appear crack.

Flywheel of jaw crusher

(3) design and manufacturing process

The crack is at the transition point of the round corner of casting, the wall thickness gap is large, and the round corner of the transition is small.The selection of casting round corner is not suitable, which results in shrinkage cavity and crack and stress concentration.All of the above problems will gradually appear during the operation due to the stress problem and cracks will appear.

2. Measures to deal with cracks in the flywheel of jaw crusher

If production is tight and there is no spare flywheel on site, it can only be temporarily handled to gain casting time and meet production needs.For two different kinds of flywheel: spokes and spokes, different treatment measures are taken, and the service life after treatment is also different.

21. Spoke flywheel crack

For the cracks of spoke flywheel, repair welding is generally adopted, which has the advantage of gaining casting time for spare parts and temporarily maintaining production.Defect is due to the poor welding performance of gray cast iron, due to insufficient on-site insulation measures, and affected by the level of welding, often appear in the welding process cracking, even after the welding, the service life is still not long, generally in 3-6 months after the jaw crusher flywheel will crack again.

Flywheel of jaw crusher

2.2 spoke flywheel

For spoke - plate flywheel, welding repair is also used in the initial stage to maintain production temporarily.If the crack is longer than the circumference of the length of 1/2, and has been cracked, must first groove, and then repair welding.However, stress deformation may occur to the flywheel after repair welding, resulting in uneven operation of the flywheel and affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

Due to the bad working environment and medium conditions, there will be some problems in the use of jaw crusher.Flywheel cracks are often treated by welding repair method. Although the performance of flywheel cannot be completely restored, it can be restored to production in a short time.However, if the crack appears again, it will be discarded, which is also a point that users need to pay attention to.

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