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How to determine the rotary kiln size and output?

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Reasonable determination of the size of rotary kiln has a direct impact on the output of the kiln, and the output of rotary kiln is an important index of the process design of cement factory, which plays a key role in the selection of other equipment in cement factory.How to determine the rotary kiln size and output?

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1. Confirm the specifications and dimensions of rotary kiln

There are many factors that affect the output of rotary kiln, such as the type and size of rotary kiln, the supporting conditions of cooling machine, preheater, decomposition furnace and other equipment, the composition and quality of raw fuel, the variety of clinker, operating level, operating rate and so on.However, for the rotary kiln itself, the direct factor that determines its output is the size of the rotary kiln, namely its diameter and length, while other factors are relatively objective and variable, which can only make the production capacity of the rotary kiln fluctuate within a certain range with different conditions.

The size (diameter, length or aspect ratio) of the rotary kiln must be reasonably determined when the newly designed rotary kiln or the old rotary kiln is reconstructed.As the type and size of rotary kiln are different, the unit output index of kiln is also different. At present, when determining the size of kiln, it is generally calculated according to the reasonable output index of unit clinker.

rotary kiln

2. Calibration of rotary kiln output

The output of rotary kiln is the basis to determine the production scale, raw material and fuel consumption quota, and the equipment selection design of the whole plant.

The output calibration should be the reasonable output achieved by the rotary kiln under the condition of ensuring high quality, low consumption and long-term safe operation. If the output calibration of the kiln is too low or too high, the whole system will not be matched and the production operation will be unbalanced.

rotary kiln

If the calibration is too low, small selection may occur in the design and calculation of other attached equipment, which may limit the production capacity of rotary kiln after production.

If the calibration is too high, the selection type of the attached machine may be too large, while the actual output of the rotary kiln cannot reach, resulting in waste of equipment capacity.At the same time to the kiln production standards bring difficulties.

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