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How to judge whether the limestone jaw crusher is durable?

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When buying limestone jaw crusher, the customer first look at the price, followed by the performance and durability, with the use of limestone jaw crusher time growth, we can clearly see the difference between durable and not durable, How to judge whether the limestone jaw crusher is durable?

1. Sealing performance of crusher

Limestone of jaw crusher production process there will be no noise, and environmental protection measures are in place, because this type of limestone crusher sealed performance is good, can prevent dust spillover effect on the environment to form, and its sealing ability is good can also reduce production of dust influence for internal parts of lubrication, etc.

limestone jaw crusher

2. The crushing ratio

Broken than large, broken after processing raw material product particle size is very uniform, a shape is, m3 body content is relatively more, and the use of limestone mandibles crusher for a longer time change the discharging mouth of the tuning range is very big, can according to customer demand for processing raw material discharging granularity adjustment satisfaction of discharging granularity, adjustment of it is very convenient.

limestone jaw crusher

3. The crusher consumes energy

Appearance, one of the three, the production of energy consumption is low, you can close the production of the electrical energy required, for may have great help to save money, the other is the type number of limestone mandibles crusher maintenance more convenient, can greatly save the time required to repair time, to stop the formation of the efficiency of the narrow has a lot of help.

limestone jaw crusher

4. Choose materials

Above we mentioned that the use time of the limestone jaw crusher and its internal parts of the use of materials have a great relationship, usually said that the wear resistance of the material is good, the use time will be longer, on the contrary, the use time is shorter.

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