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How to prevent ball mill leakage?

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The ball mill used in the concentrator seal leakage phenomenon, will cause the inner wall erosion, burning tile and a series of problems, many users do not know how to solve.In fact, ball mill leakage is a very common problem, but is not an inevitable problem.Leakage is mainly due to equipment daily maintenance, maintenance is not in place.How to prevent ball mill leakage?

1. Leakage of slurry between feed tube and feed bushing of ball mill

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In general, more than the conventional ball mill equipment in feed sealing device USES is packing seal, in the process of running, chute feed in static state, but feed bushing with tanks connected in rotation, when the ball mill cylinder body fluid level is higher than the inlet water plane, slurry will enter to the junction of the lining sleeve for the chute feed and feed, feed slurry mouth.

In addition, in the process of use, feeding bushing is rotating at all times, a long time of rotation will cause root packing wear, when the wear is serious, it will lose the sealing role, resulting in leakage.


Advance prevention measures of leakage between feed tube and feed liner:

(1) add a round transition casting with thin upper wall and thick lower wall to the feed pipe first. The surface in contact with the cylinder shall be machined to ensure the machining accuracy and cylindricity of the contact surface. Meanwhile, the machining accuracy of the contact surface shall be improved to reduce root wear.

(2) set VD sealing ring on the inner side of root packing seal and fix it, which can play a double sealing role and prevent leakage of slurry;

(3) install mechanical seal and multi-layer protection at the feeding pipe, which can effectively solve the problem of slurry leakage.


2. Leakage of slurry between feed bushing and end cover of ball mill

ball mill

There are two kinds of sealing of feed bushing and end cover of ball mill:

(1) three packing seal, seal end depend on the bushing and the feed end cover the seam allowance of positioning, and bushing and end cover flange contact completely, by bolts, but creates friction between the two, on the other side depending on the excess of packing seal, in the process of assembly and operation, location if the mouth is bad, or packing wear, can all result in a ball mill slurry leakage.

(2) cone seal, seal and at the end of the packing seal, relying on the seam allowance, the other end by cone sealing the role positioning and clamping sealing, but unlike pan-gen sealed, feed bushings and end cover flange joints need to have 3 ~ 4 mm gap, therefore, there is no friction between the bushing and the end cover flange surface, due to rotation for a long time, cause the distortion, the connecting bolt activity, resulting in cone seal wear slurry leakage phenomenon.


Advance preventive measures for leakage of feed bushing and end cover of ball mill:

(1) three packing way of sealing, can be improved by means of abrasive belt grinding feed bushing and the end cover flange surface machining accuracy, in addition, the feed end cover flange surface, can install a type O sealing groove, the feed bushing set combined with feeding end cover flange surface type O sealing, realize the double seal, can solve the problem of slurry.

(2) for cone seal structure, xiaobian does not recommend the use of this kind of seal, mainly because this kind of seal feeding bushing and end cover link bolts are prone to fracture, leakage frequent.


3. Leakage of slurry between the end cover and cylinder of the ball mill

ball mill

There are many reasons for leakage of slurry between the end cover and cylinder of the ball mill:

(1) the machining accuracy of the end cover flange and the cylinder flange is not high, and when the flange is combined at the high point of grinding, the slurry will leak after the assembly operation;

(2) during site installation, the bolts installed in the factory are not re-tightened and tested, and the slurry enters the bonding surface after loading, leading to the occurrence of slurry leakage;

(3) the rubber lining plate of the ball mill is generally installed on the site. Before installation, the end cover and cylinder body are not tightened and tested as required. When laying the rubber lining plate, the bonding surface is not handled properly, resulting in leakage of slurry.


Advance prevention measures for leakage of slurry between end cover and barrel of ball mill:

(1) firstly, it can be started by improving the combination of end cover and cylinder flange. The operation method is machining accuracy.

(2) secondly, whether in the factory or in the field, the assembly of the ball mill, the end cover and cylinder flange contact surface cleaning, to ensure that there is no bump, scratch and other uneven points on the flange surface, after inspection, can be coated with a layer of yellow dry oil or black lead powder, in order to increase its smoothness.

(3) finally, during the assembly, the bolt fastening should be strictly controlled to ensure the tightness of the end cover and the flange binding surface of the cylinder.

The above is a few common ball mill leakage situation, mainly in the structure, mechanical processing, quality control and installation problems, we can be used before the above aspects of optimization and improve quality control, in the installation process remember to strictly follow the installation process, can effectively prevent leakage problems.

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