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Hydraulic roller crusher fault solution

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With the expansion of mining scale, the demand for sand and stone materials is increasing.The development trend of large hydraulic roll crusher is inevitable.Everyone in the use of hydraulic roll crusher, it is inevitable that some accidents will occur.Hydraulic roller crusher fault solution.

1. Hydraulic roller crusher technical parameters

Hydraulic roller crusher

(1) feed particle size

As the name implies, the feed size of the hydraulic roller crusher means that the feed mouth can bear the size of the material, the feed size unit is generally used "mm".The feed size of hydraulic roll crusher produced by Jiangsu LVSSN is ≤500mm.

(2) discharge particle size

Whether the discharge particle size reaches the standard mainly depends on whether the discharge size of the crushing equipment is within the user's requirements. Under normal circumstances, the discharge particle size of the hydraulic roller crusher is 0-5mm, which can completely meet the user's needs.

(3) processing capacity

Hydraulic roller crusher

The capacity of hydraulic roller crusher refers to the number of materials broken by the equipment per hour, different types of crushing equipment, the capacity of hydraulic roller crusher is different.For example, the processing capacity of common models is 50-80t per hour.

(4) motor power

The motor power is directly proportional to the handling capacity of the crushing equipment. The larger the motor power is, the larger the handling capacity of the roller crusher will be.

2. Solution of hydraulic roller crusher's shaft rotation but the roller skin does not rotate

Hydraulic roller crusher

(1) the hydraulic roller crusher is very likely to be the universal coupling of the gravel equipment crack or fracture caused by, hydraulic roller crusher, the occurrence of this situation is easy to let the bearing parts squeeze, and then pressure roller skin.To avoid this situation again, we use the roll crusher, to avoid the single face coupling bear too much torque.

(2) hydraulic roller crusher in the use of the process must pay attention to the use of lubricating oil, different parts of the degree of lubrication is not the same.Especially in the long production process, we must pay close attention to the consumption of shaft lubricating oil.

(3) processing technology, different processing machinery in the development of the required materials, low selection standards, heat treatment process is not the same.

In the assembly of the hydraulic roller crusher to have a good assembly habit, or there should be a strict system to ensure the normal assembly to ensure the quality of stability.Work, such as "assembly" hydraulic pressure on the roll crusher power-hungry, staff need to choose the ideal inner hole size of the bearing and the bearing of a match, select ideal clapboard and the corresponding parts of the inner hole size tolerance to cooperate, will be recorded in the fit tolerance of each parts, as the hydraulic profile of roll crusher, for future maintenance and accessories sales and so on all can be used as a reference.

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