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Influence of impurity on the work of jaw crusher

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For the jaw crusher, although the impurity is small, but the result is large, not only will affect the quality of the finished product, but also cause the failure of the jaw crusher, so should reduce the impurities into the internal equipment, influence of impurity on the work of jaw crusher

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1. Impurities will cause equipment failure

If impurities into the jaw crusher, there are a lot of comparison in hydraulic system because of its internal small aperture, if these impurities mixed with which, short time won't have what problem, but after a long period of time, the increase in the number of impurities, will cause some production problems, such as blocking oil duct, a precise accidentally strain, etc., these failures will cause the service life of equipment, and the decline in performance;

2. Impurities will cause the quality of finished products to decline

If enter the impurities in the jaw crusher, then these impurities may be blended into finished products, make product quality to drop, such as the cement mixed with impurities, so its as raw materials for the concrete production, is bound to cause the loss of the performance of concrete, at this time of the product sales price will drop, and then affects the production of comprehensive income;

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3. How to prevent impurities from entering the jaw crusher

If you want to prevent impurities from entering the equipment, it is actually very easy, that is, when feeding, the first screening, the impurities can be removed, in addition, jaw crusher in use, regularly clean its hydraulic system, can also reduce the impurities caused by equipment failure;

The main impact of impurities is on the quality of finished products and on equipment failure. Only by ensuring that the jaw crusher is not affected by impurities, can we bring more benefits. If you have other problems, please contact us online.

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