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Jaw crusher bearing damage caused by "stuffy car" solution

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There are 4 sets of bearings on the jaw crusher, two sets of bearings are connected between the eccentric shaft and the moving jaw, and two sets of bearings are connected between the eccentric shaft and the frame.At present, most of the bearings of jaw crusher adopt rolling bearing, which has high transmission efficiency and convenient maintenance.But when the bearing burns out, it will cause the jaw crusher to stop suddenly, there is a "boring car" situation.Jaw crusher bearing damage caused by "stuffy car" solution

1. Bearing selection of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher bearing

In the use of jaw crusher, bearing to adapt to high speed and high strength working pressure, so in the bearing selection should pay more attention.The selection of rolling bearing should not only meet the requirements of external load, but also give full play to the bearing's own load capacity.The radial load is larger than the axial load, the fulcrum span is larger, the deformation of the shaft is larger, etc.

In the selection of accuracy, first of all, the tolerance of the inner and outer ring of the bearing is ±0.05mm.To reduce the bearing damage of jaw crusher, the bearing accuracy can be changed from ordinary level to C3 level, with higher accuracy.

The clearance of rolling bearing is divided into radial clearance and axial clearance, which respectively represent the movement of another ring from one limit position to another limit position along radial and axial direction when one ring is fixed.Experimental analysis shows that the working clearance value that maximizes the bearing life is a negative value slightly less than zero.Considering the changes caused by the temperature difference between inner and outer rings and the load factors, the best dimensional tolerance and radial clearance tolerance can be selected for the bearing.In the assembly process, the bearing is selected and matched according to the machining tolerance of the inner hole of the jaw and the eccentric shaft of the jaw crushing motor, so that the tolerance fit is in an optimal state.


2. Bearing assembly and use method

jaw crusher

(1) because the bearing needs to use the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction to achieve interference fit in the assembly process, the heating process must be strictly controlled and appropriate temperature should be selected for heating of bearings of different specifications and sizes.

(2) during the assembly process, a special copper hammer is made to strike the bearing. It is required to strike the bearing diagonally at the same time to ensure that the bearing is balanced into the eccentric shaft.In the process of the eccentric shaft entering the jaw type crushing motor jaw, an iron hammer should be used to move the jaw, and the eccentric shaft should be loaded into the moving jaw by means of interaction without damaging the bearing on the eccentric shaft.

(3) use butter oiler inject grease in the moving jaw, join the jaw crusher bearing grease inside the space for the volume of about 50%, replace a piece every 3 ~ 6 months, oil change when the application of clean gasoline or kerosene cleaning roller bearing raceway, the bearing lubrication full uniform, bearings under heavy load, high temperature to obtain the very good lubrication, prolong the service life of bearing.

(4) before the jaw crusher works, an appropriate amount of grease should be injected between the bracket and the adjustment seat. After idling for a period of time, check whether the working current and voltage are normal and whether the crusher makes abnormal noise before conveying stone for crushing.Buffer measures should be taken at the feed mouth to avoid large stones directly impacting the feed mouth of the crusher. Large stones larger than the size of the feed mouth should be blasted twice before entering the feed mouth to extend the service life of the crusher.

In the jaw crusher, the frame, the moving jaw and the eccentric shaft are the three important parts, and the machining size of each part is closely related. In the machining process, it is required to ensure the tolerance range required by the drawing as much as possible, so as to reduce the accumulated errors in machining and improve the assembly quality.

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