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Maintenance of important parts of jaw crusher

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Jaw crusher mainly has eccentric shaft, belt wheel, frame, flywheel and reset spring, bracket, fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate and other important parts.Maintenance of important parts of jaw crusher

1. Repair essentials of movable jaw shaft

During the maintenance of the movable jaw shaft journal, the following points should be paid special attention to: under the condition of the strength of jaw crusher, some worn shaft journal should be turned and nested, and it is important to restore the original matching size.

Also pay attention to the use of certain technical measures, to some worn shaft neck welding repair, also should be used to turn processing and then restore the original size of the method.Vibration welding and metal spraying are also important methods of repair.

Jaw crusher

2. Repair key points of eccentric shaft

Jaw crusher eccentric shaft in the process of maintenance should pay attention to the following: to wear parts based on the actual situation of the corresponding repair method choice, adopts the method of turning processing or scraping the lapping repair, if repair process the end of the rear axle neck, slightly less than the dimension of the original, that should make new sliding bearing.

Under special circumstances, the jaw crusher can adopt the original fit size after the original shaft neck turning nested method to restore, the use of vibration welding and metal spray insert method for repair is also an important method.


3. Repair essentials of sliding bearing in eccentric shaft

Bearing repair in jaw crusher is to a large extent determined according to the limit value of clearance and geometric shape. If there is no serious wear of the bearing, it can be adjusted by taking off the pad method. The change of the top clearance can extend the operation time of the machine.

But if the damage is serious, it must be repaired immediately.The repair method of sliding bearing has the simple repair that carries on according to local flaw and turning processing commonly, this kind of processing is more reliable generally, should undertake complete recasting to some serious damage place or it is laminar gas welding.

Jaw crusher

4. Repair essentials of the tie rod

In the process of working, the pull rod will appear crack, fracture, bearing hole deviation, support pad groove wear or wear deviation, when the pull rod failure causes jaw crusher not to operate, take appropriate repair measures to restore it to normal working state.The repair of connecting rod USES direct welding and two kinds of welding of reinforcing steel plate commonly, should undertake choosing according to actual situation.

Maintenance management plays a very important role in the overall operation of jaw crusher. Daily maintenance should be done, and corresponding treatment should be carried out according to the specific situation to achieve the best performance of the equipment.

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