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Rotary kiln with refractory materials most afraid of what?

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One of the main features of the rotary kiln is that the refractory materials masonry in the kiln rotate with the shell at high temperature.Refractory bricks not only have to be subjected to thermal shock, erosion and wear of kiln gas and materials, but also have to bear the pressure of squeezing each other and the shell during vibration and rotation.Rotary kiln with refractory materials most afraid of what?

1. For refractory materials used in rotary kiln, the most feared is the frequent stopping and opening of kiln.

The service life of rotary kiln is directly affected by the number of kilns stopping.In the production of rotary kiln, the frequent opening and stopping of kiln will cause the hot surface of firebrick to cool down quickly and shrink too fast. The structure inside firebrick will be seriously damaged.When the kiln is opened again, the hot surface layer of refractory brick often falls off with the kiln skin, which also distorts the brick position inside the kiln lining and reduces the service life of the kiln lining.

Rotary kiln

2. Control the opening and stopping times of rotary kiln

Firstly, the stable operation of rotary kiln equipment should be ensured. Secondly, the stable quality of all fuels should be ensured. Meanwhile, the stable quantity of coal and materials should be controlled.

Each kiln opening time should be carefully considered and deployed for the best:

1. 2 hours before the rotary kiln is scheduled to turn off, the decomposition furnace shall gradually reduce fuel, and then gradually reduce raw material, so that the temperature of the preheater system cannot be super high.

2. Open the cold air valve slowly so that the inlet temperature of the high-temperature fan does not exceed 400℃.

3. When the temperature at the outlet of the decomposition furnace drops to 600 ~ 650℃, the material is completely stopped and the kiln speed is reduced to 0.5r/min to control the fuel

4, reduce high temperature fan draft.

Rotary kiln

5, with the reduction of wind, reduce the rotary kiln kiln head feeding fuel, do not make the raw material out of the kiln.

6. Stop spraying water on the humidifier, and then continue to reduce wind.

7. When the tail temperature drops below 800℃, stop the kiln head to feed fuel, then stop the high-temperature fan, open the cold air valve, and control the air volume with the inlet valve of the kiln tail exhaust fan.Note that after the fuel is stopped at the kiln head, maintain the necessary primary air volume to prevent deformation of the coal injection pipe.

8. Stop the cylinder cooling air unit and kiln mouth sealing ring cooling fan according to the situation.

9. Stop the big cloth bag at the end of the kiln, return to the conveying system and the raw material feeding system.

10. When the temperature of rotary kiln barrel reaches below 250℃, the auxiliary transfer kiln shall be changed.

11. After the kiln head is turned off, pay attention to the negative pressure control of the kiln head, reduce the gas flow of the grate cooler and let the kiln head exhaust fan exhaust the air.

12, in the kiln discharge is not much, the grate cooler stopped for a period of time, from six to one room each fan stop.

13. Stop kiln head electric dust collector, clinker conveying, primary fan, kiln head electric dust collector exhaust fan, control kiln negative pressure with kiln tail dust collector and exhaust fan.

14. Stop feeding the raw material fan according to the situation and gradually pull out the coal jet pipe.

The above ten strict control words, will be able to reduce the number of kilns, kilns, so that the rotary kiln refractory brick service life increased.

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