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The difference between no-load test and on-load test of jaw crusher

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Jaw crusher is an important crushing equipment in stone production line. Its main characteristic is large crushing ratio. Therefore, most stone production lines use jaw crusher for coarse crushing.For the newly purchased jaw crusher needs to be tested first and tested without fault before it can be put into production.The difference between no-load test and on-load test of jaw crusher.

jaw crusher

1. No-load test of jaw crusher


The purpose of "no-load test" is to adjust the machine to the best state. The process is as follows:

(1) during no-load test, the jaw crusher shall operate continuously for 2h, and the temperature rise of the bearing shall not exceed 30℃;

(2) during the test run, all fasteners of the jaw crusher should be firm without loosening;

(3) whether the flywheel and groove wheel operate smoothly;

(4) during the test run, the jaw crusher should reach the point where there is no abrasion, chip dropping and grinding of all friction parts, and there is no normal sound;

jaw crusher

The adjustment device of the discharge port of jaw crusher should ensure the adjustment range of the discharge port.

2. The jaw crusher has load test


The purpose of "on-load test run" is to observe whether the broken materials meet the standards and pave the way for the follow-up continuous production.The specific process is as follows:

jaw crusher

(1) during on-load test, the jaw crusher shall not have periodic or significant impact or impact sound;

(2) the maximum feeding particle size shall conform to the design regulations;

(3) continuous operation for 8h, bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 30℃, temperature shall not exceed 70℃;

(4) the processing capacity and product size of jaw crusher should meet the design requirements;

(5) there is no obvious movement between the adjustment seat and the rack ear seat.

The test run can not only test the performance of jaw crusher but also prevent the occurrence of various minor faults in production.If the machine fails to meet the specified standard during no-load test or on-load test, it means that the machine is not up to the standard, and professional technical personnel should be asked to debug the machine again until it meets the standard.

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