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The reason why the large and small bevel gears of cone crusher frequently hit teeth

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Cone crusher work, by the motor through triangle, big belt wheel, a transmission axis, a small bevel gear, bevel gear drive the eccentric sleeve, drives the moving cone rotary pendulum movement, makes the broken wall surface and sometimes near and sometimes leave the surface of the rolling mortar wall, which make the material of the cone and cone annular crushing cavity continuously hit, extrusion and bending and crushing.Among them, small bevel gears and large bevel gears are important transmission components.Cone crusher often appear teeth, wear serious phenomenon, cone crusher large, small bevel gear frequently teeth reasons

1. Get stuck

In the crushing chamber of the cone crusher, non-breakable material (over-iron) is entered, and the non-breakable material entering the cone crusher exceeds the maximum size of over-iron of the cone crusher, which causes the equipment to get stuck.After the cone crusher is stopped by blocking materials, the operator, in order to shorten the cleaning time, starts the motor with heavy load for several times and causes the drive bevel tooth inside the cone to be broken due to overload fatigue.

Cross the iron card dead solution

(1) adjust the current of the protection device of the cone crusher so that it cannot be forced to start or temporarily protect the trip under heavy load.

(2) a permanent magnet lifting device is installed on the belt conveying materials into the cone crusher to effectively prevent the cone from breaking through the iron.

Cone crusher bevel gear

2. Poor lubrication of the cone crusher

Cone crusher in the process of operation, when the water seal dustproof device seal is not strict, will make a large number of dust into the body of the lubricating oil, so that the lubricating oil quickly become poor, resulting in poor lubrication, causing the size of bevel gear teeth, wear serious.

Poor lubrication solution for cone crusher

Replace lubricating oil in time to ensure good lubrication of equipment.Check the operation of oil pumps, filters, coolers, valves and pipelines, as well as the oil pressure and temperature of the oil and thin oil lubrication system.

Cone crusher bevel gear

3. Large and small bevel gears are not meshing properly

The installation of bevel gears of large and small size is the same as that of meshing and normal gears, which destroys the right meshing conditions of a pair of gears, causing additional impact vibration and additional sliding wear of gears in the process of operation, resulting in shortened service life of gears, or even tooth beating.

Large, small bevel gear meshing improper solution

Make the bevel gear meshing correctly, eliminate the reciprocating sliding and additional impact between the gears, reduce wear, prevent teeth.

cone crusher

4. Large and small bevel gears have improper meshing clearance

When the gear is installed, the gap between the tooth top and the tooth side is adjusted improperly, or the contact surface between the upper disk and the eccentric sleeve appears inclined groove after the thrust disc is worn, thus affecting the meshing clearance between the gears, and it is easy to produce tooth striking phenomenon in the production of the cone crusher.

Large, small bevel gear meshing clearance improper solution

Regularly check the meshing clearance of bevel gears and the matching clearance between eccentric shaft sleeve and rack bush, and replace the eccentric shaft sleeve or rack bush with excessive wear in time to ensure the clearance within the specified range.

5. Gear machining accuracy is not high

Gear machining accuracy is not high, resulting in the phenomenon of teeth in the work.

Gear machining precision is not high solution

Improve the processing accuracy of bevel gear of cone crusher, ensure the contact surface is even, improve the service life, avoid the root cutting teeth.

In the work of the cone crusher, must prevent iron, ensure good lubrication of equipment.In addition, in the selection of large and small bevel gear, should pay attention to the screening of manufacturers, select the gear with high machining accuracy;Attention should be paid to the selection of suitable meshing clearance during installation to avoid the possibility of tooth beating and root cutting from the source, so as to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment and improve the production efficiency.

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