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There are two reasons for jaw crusher shaking

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Types of mining equipment such as jaw crusher, at work, because of the bad environment, so the fault cannot be avoided in production, the influence of some fault for production is large, there are some fault for production is small, the influence of rock is one of the fault, the influence of this phenomenon for production is also cannot be ignored, so we need to promptly solve the problem, to solve this problem, first have to find the reasons, there are two reasons for jaw crusher shaking

jaw crusher

1. Loosen or break the screw

For the fixed jaw crusher equipment, the need to install before production, installation of time needs to be fixed on the ground, when I was a fixed screw need to use this part, if in production, appeared on one side of the screw loosening or fracture, then the machine will appear slightly shaking phenomenon, if not timely processed at this time, so the late shaking will be more serious, long-term working process will cause the screw fracture phenomenon, which makes the machine is in intense shaking,The solution to this phenomenon is to timely tighten or replace the loose or broken screws, so that the jaw crusher firmly fixed on the foundation, and then the stable crushing work;

jaw crusher

2. The flywheel deviates from its original position

Fly Geneva wheel is one of the important parts of jaw crusher, which at the time of installation, the position is fixed inside the equipment, but the installation if staff in the installation error, will cause the part deviation from the original position, make the machine centre of gravity is imbalance, and then, the phenomenon of the rock, the phenomenon of the solution is to fly Geneva wheel to adjust the installation location;

Jaw crusher shaking of the two reasons, one is related to the screw, one is related to the position of the slot wheel, for these two phenomena of the solution, if you have a better way, also can communicate with us

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