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What are the basic parameters that the roller press can adjust?

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The roll press is like the roll crusher, but its function is different, there are essential differences.Roller mill in cement powder has occupied a dominant position, what are the basic parameters of roller mill can be adjusted?

1. Working principle of roller press

roller press

The roller press consists of two rollers (namely moving roller and fixed roller), frame, reducer, torque support, motor, pressure system and feeding device.When the two rollers run in opposite directions under the power, the material from the upper part is pulled into the gap between the two rollers. Then the hydraulic cylinder installed on the back side of the moving roller starts to pressurize, driving the piston forward and pushing the moving roller to put pressure on the material.With the two rollers continue to pull the material into the gap of the roller and compacted and crushed, into the cake unloading, the cake after the finished products into the mill or storage, unqualified products return to continue rolling, until the final complete grinding.

2. Parameters of roller press


2.1 pressure of roller press

The pressure of the roller press is a key parameter of work efficiency.The yield of ground powder is almost determined by pressure.When the pressure is 60MPa, the passing rate of 32 micron fine powder is about 20%. If the content of fine powder increases to 30%, the pressure should reach 100-300mpa.At the same time, the experiment shows that when the pressure is very high, the increase of fine powder production rate is not obvious, but the power consumption is doubled. At the same time, because of the pressure increase, the material cake is not easy to break, the power consumption of tube mill will also increase.The conclusion of the experiment on a small roller press is that when the passage rate of 45 microns is 36.1%, the required working pressure is 205MPa, from which it can be seen that the passage rate of 80 microns will be higher.Domestic data show that the average roll pressure in 120- 150MPa, 0.08 fine powder production rate can reach 50%.

Combined with the actual situation, the average roller pressure should be more than 60MPa, if it can reach more than 100MPa is the best, so not only the fine powder production rate is high, high work efficiency of the roller press, but also reduce the cycle load, transmission equipment energy consumption will be reduced, is conducive to reducing the system power consumption.


2.2 control of feed size

The feed particle size of the roller press, can be determined by 3.5% of the roller diameter, under the appropriate pressure, stable operation, should not be too large, the data shows that when the diameter of 7.0% of the roller diameter, the current fluctuation of the roller press will increase several times, not conducive to stable operation.

2.3 selection of roller seam

Roller gap is also one of the important parameters of roller press, generally 2.0% of roller diameter.The original roller gap is generally about 10mm. It needs to be reminded that, before setting the original roller gap, the radial runout of the roller should be tested radial, the most prominent position of the two rollers should be transferred to the horizontal position of the opposite direction, and then the limit block should be fixed so that the gap is about 10mm, and the two axes should be parallel.

roller press

2.4 installed power of roller press

When the average roll pressure is at 60MPa, the power consumption of tons of materials is 2.4kw, but the actual pressure at ordinary times will be about 1.5 standby. A large number of experimental data show that rolling a ton of clinker requires 3.5kwh, a ton of limestone requires 3.0kwh, and a ton of slag requires 6.0kwh, so the installed power should be greater than this value.

2.5 selection of roll seam displacement

Roller press roll gap to stabilize the best, but in actual operation, due to the change of particle size, the influence of oil compressibility, vibration, etc, is bound to change, but I did not allow unlimited expansion, roll gap must set a reasonable displacement, if the displacement is too large, will surpass the self-aligning bearing Angle, bearing damage, so must limit, generally offset control in 3 to 5 mm, but the best through the allowed Angle calculated bearing, both to ensure the safety of bearing, also ensure the extrusion effect.

2.6 roller linear speed

The linear velocity of roller is closely related to the production, but the experiment shows that the linear velocity is linearly related to the production when the linear velocity is 0.2-1.5 m/s.When the linear velocity is 1.5-1.8m /s, the relationship between output and velocity decreases, indicating that the ability of roller to bite the material is decreasing.Therefore, the linear speed of the roller press should be below 1.8m/s.

2.7 output of roller press

The output of the roller press is measured by the passing quantity, which is related to the speed of the roller, the volume and weight of the cake, the thickness of the cake and the width of the roller.namely

G = 3600 BVSP (t/h)

Where: t/h for table G, width meter for B roller, linear velocity meter/S for V roller, thickness meter for S cake, about 2.25% of the straight diameter of the roller., the bulk weight of p cake is about 2.4 tons/m3.

In fact, after the installation and use of the roller press, the structure parameters can not be changed, only the size of the pressure, the size of the roller gap offset, the size of the size of the material size and the number of recycling materials.Pressure is the most critical data, which directly affects the work efficiency, fine powder production rate;The difference of roller gap not only affects the bearing installation, but also affects the roller pressure effect.Granularity involves operational stability;The amount of circulation also involves the density of incoming materials, too much fine powder or granular material too much will cause the entry of excess air, not conducive to stability and so on.

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