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What are the differences between a simple pendulum jaw crusher and a compound pendulum jaw crusher?

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Jaw crusher as a widely used primary crushing products, we use more is the compound pendulum jaw crusher, today I will take you to understand the simple pendulum jaw crusher and compound pendulum jaw crusher what is the difference?

jaw crusher

1. How it works


1.1 simple pendulum jaw crusher

Crushing principle: movable jaw suspension on the heart axis, can make left and right oscillation, eccentric axis rotation, connecting rod do up and down reciprocating movement, drive two thrust plate also do reciprocating movement, thus promoting movable jaw do about reciprocating movement, to achieve crushing and unloading.

This moving jaw is a kind of about reciprocating movement, moving jaw on each point movement track is the center of the suspension axis arc line, the movement track is simple, so called simple pendulum jaw crusher.


1.2 compound pendulum jaw crusher

Principle of crushing: the motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate through the belt and pulley, and the movable jaw makes periodic reciprocating movement around the eccentric shaft to the stationary jaw plate, sometimes close to and sometimes away from it. When the movable jaw plate is close to the stationary jaw plate, the ore between the two jaws is crushed, bent and split.When the movable jaw plate leaves the fixed jaw plate, the broken ore is discharged through the discharge port of the crusher under the action of gravity.

The movable jaw is directly suspended on the eccentric shaft. When the eccentric shaft rotates counterclockwise, it can directly drive the movable jaw to make complex oscillation.The movement track of the moving jaw from top to bottom: the movement track of the broken cavity is elliptical;In the middle of the crushing cavity, the movement track is a flatter oval.At the bottom of the crushing chamber, the movement track is almost reciprocating.Because the motion track of each point on the moving jaw is more complex, it is called complex oscillating jaw crusher.

Although they have different types of structures, they basically work in the same way, except that the movement of the jaw is different.

jaw crusher

2. Comparison of advantages and disadvantages


2.1 simple pendulum jaw crusher



(1) compact and simple structure;

(2) eccentric shaft, connecting rod and other transmission parts of the force is small, industrial made of mainframe and medium-sized machine, used to break hard materials;

(3) less wear of movable jaw plate;

(4) the vertical stroke (vertical movement distance) of the moving jaw is small, the wear effect of the ore on the jaw plate is light, and the over-commination of the product is less.



(1) low crushing efficiency;

(2) more flake products.

jaw crusher

2.2 compound pendulum jaw crusher



(1) lighter weight (about 20-30% lighter when the production capacity is equal), fewer components and more compact structure;

(2) the degree of filling in the crushing chamber is good, the packed material block is evenly broken, and the productivity is high, 20-30% higher than the simple pendulum type of the same specification;

(3) there are more finished products in the shape of cube with better quality.



The wear of jaw board is fast, the product is too crushed serious, the dust that produces is more also.

In the beginning, the double pendulum jaw crusher is generally made of small and medium-sized, because it is in the process of crushing ore, the moving jaw is subjected to huge extrusion pressure, and most of the action on the eccentric shaft and bearing above, resulting in the eccentric shaft and bearing stress deterioration, easy to damage.However, with the emergence of large impact bearing, compound pendulum jaw crusher is gradually becoming larger.

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