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What are the reasons for the loose adjusting ring of hammer crusher

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Hammer crusher is one of the important mechanical equipment production, we want to ensure the efficiency of production, we must ensure the normal operation of the crusher equipment, we only understand the hammer crusher adjustment ring loose reasons, in order to better check and maintenance.

1. Thread wear of hammer crusher

The thread of the maintenance sleeve and the adjustment sleeve are worn out. For this phenomenon, the repair or replacement is required according to the wear condition to reduce the looseness of the adjusting ring.

Hammer crusher adjusting ring

2. The hammer crusher is at the working discharge port

Due to the demand of production, the ore discharge port is required to be adjusted, but the adjustment process is deviated, making the ore discharge port too large or too small, so that the regulating ring becomes loose. At this time, the treatment method is to adjust the ore discharge port to make it at a normal level.

3. Not checked before starting up

Hammer crusher before boot, typically demand about the inspection, the various parts found loose maybe damaged place, tighten may demand repair (exchange), but sometimes the machine does not do full inspection before startup, this time if the equipment adjusting cap may oblique iron keys have not been fully lock, will form the adjusting ring loose phenomenon, this time the processing method is about adjusting cap may lock oblique iron keys;

hammer crusher

4. Hammer crusher parts are too thick

If the hammer crusher configuration of the broken wall and rolling mortar wall is too thick, will also form the phenomenon of loose adjustment ring, this time the demand for these two parts may be modified exchange;

5. Break the adjusting cap

If adjust cap lock pull rod appeared the phenomenon of fracture, but hammer type crusher is still in the form of work, so this hour can form the loose of adjusting ring, the method that handles is about the adjusting ring of fracture to carry on exchange namely.

There are many reasons why the adjustment ring of hammer crusher is loose. We should judge according to the actual situation of the site. If you have any questions, you can contact our online customer service.

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