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What factors affect the output of the cone crusher?

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As a kind of ore crushing equipment, cone crusher is usually used for medium and fine crushing operations in concentrator.In addition to the equipment operating parameters and material properties, such as eccentricity, ore discharge port, material crushing power index, water content, etc., the feeding process conditions and equipment layout will affect the operation of the cone crusher.

1. Influence of pre-screening

When the ore is broken in the crushing chamber, there is a certain gap between the particles.If the gap between the particles is less, the "space" required for the larger particles to break is insufficient, then it is difficult to break the material

In general, the feed of the medium crushing cone crusher comes from the discharge of the coarse crushing jaw crusher.Due to the influence of the raw material source and the insufficient pre-screening of the coarse crushing section feeder, the coarse crushing jaw broken discharge contains a lot of fine materials (smaller than the medium crushing cone broken discharge mouth or the materials that can directly enter the next crushing section), so the pre-screening equipment should be added before the medium crushing cone crusher.

On the one hand, the particles with smaller particle size in the crushing and discharging materials are separated in advance to ensure that there is sufficient space between the bulk materials in the crushing and feeding materials, which is conducive to strengthening laminating and crushing, improving crushing efficiency and reducing lining consumption.

On the other hand, after screening the material can be directly into the fine crushing operations (such as fine cone or vertical shaft impact broken), improve the processing efficiency of the whole production line.

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2. Influence of feed particle size composition

Different from the medium crushing cone crusher, the feeding of fine crushing cone crusher is the product on the screen of pre-screening operation, and the range of particle size of feeding is relatively narrow.Therefore, according to the different feeding particle size composition of the fine crushing cone crusher, it is necessary to select the appropriate crushing cavity type to make the material fill the whole crushing cavity from large to small.

If the feed particle size is coarse, the ore crushing mainly occurs in the upper part of the crushing chamber, the actual running power of the motor is small, the upper lining wear is serious, the service life of the lining is shortened.

If the feed particle size is too small, the ore crushing mainly occurs in the lower part of the crusher, the lower part of the plate is seriously worn, the actual crushing power is low, and the unit crushing cost is increased.

Both of them will cause the actual operation power of the cone crusher is low and the lining plate is irregularly worn, which will shorten the service life of the lining plate and increase the production cost.

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3. Influence of feeding equipment layout


(1) warehouse form

If the site area is large, the combination of underground bin and high bin can be adopted.

The underground material storage has a large amount of material, which can avoid the problem of broken jaw of the coarse crushing section due to the delayed processing of the middle crushing cone, and the problem of insufficient operating rate caused by the fault of the coarse crushing section.

In high buffer bin, the capacity of the crusher should be guaranteed to run for 15-20 minutes.This bin can ensure that the center of the cone machine is full of feeding materials, reduce the impact of materials on the cone machine's feeding barrel, further adjust the position of field equipment installation, and avoid the disadvantages of the feeding belt machine that once the cone breaks suddenly and stops running, the feeding belt machine needs to stop starting with materials.


(2) feeder

The vibration feeder is installed in the discharge port of the medium and fine crushing bin, which can reduce the belt wear and fracture to a great extent while effectively controlling the feeding amount, especially the feeding of the medium crushing crusher.If the installation of vibration feeder, crusher feed amount by vibration feeder frequency conversion control, belt machine running at constant speed.

For the feeding belt machine, in the premise of ensuring the amount of ore feeding, should choose the appropriate belt width, to ensure the slow speed, in order to reduce the fall of the belt material precipitation, reduce the impact on the crusher feeding barrel.When the belt width is small, the material guide groove can be installed on the whole length of the belt to increase the thickness of the belt material.The feeding belt machine of the cone crusher is designed to be movable. First, it is easy to adjust the feeding point, so that the material falls in the feeding barrel of the crusher.The other is to provide enough space for equipment maintenance.

cone crusher

4. What measures can be taken to ensure that the cone is packed with feeding materials

(1) buffer ore bin with a certain capacity is set before the medium fine cone crusher to ensure the feeding stability of the equipment;

(2) the maximum feeding capacity of the feeding equipment is greater than the maximum production capacity of the crusher;

(3) if there is no ore bin, but the actual production capacity of the system is less than the design capacity, and the handling capacity of the equipment cannot be adjusted, it is recommended to set a high and low material level meter in the fine material bin:

When the material level is low, the equipment stops feeding and the crusher idles or stops.

When the material level is high, the equipment starts to feed to ensure that the feeding amount meets the requirement of crusher to fill the material evenly.

In the crushing before adding pre-screening, can be pre-separated in the crushing cone crusher feed in the fine particle size of the material, can reduce the load rate of the crusher, to ensure that there is more abundant space between the large pieces of material in the feed, help to strengthen the laminating crushing, improve the efficiency.For the different feeding particle size composition of the fine cone crusher, it is necessary to choose the appropriate crushing cavity, so that the material from large to small fills the whole crushing cavity, in order to give full play to the excellent performance of the cone crusher.Through proper arrangement of feeding equipment, the precipitation of materials can be reduced as far as possible, so as to achieve even crowding feeding, enhance laminating crushing effect, reduce energy consumption per unit of ore crushing, and reduce production cost.

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