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What if the lime rotary kiln exhaust fan stops suddenly?That

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Lime rotary kiln is a kind of lime calcining equipment in common use. Its structure and calcining process have been relatively mature up to now. The machine has the advantages of simple operation, stable performance, good calcining effect and so on.What if the lime rotary kiln exhaust fan stops suddenly?

1. Fault detection

It is a common problem that the main exhaust fan of lime rotary kiln stops suddenly when it is in use. If we find that the main exhaust fan of lime rotary kiln stops, we need to deal with the shutdown of the rotary kiln immediately so as to prevent more equipment failures.

Lime rotary kiln exhaust fan

2. Fault measures of exhaust fan of lime rotary kiln

Generally speaking, when the main exhaust fan of rotary calciner stops suddenly, the operator should stop feeding immediately.Then stop the fuel spray, close the humidifying tower pumps, reduce the magnitude of the coal kiln head and air finally adjust the kiln head vacuum pressure, reduce the speed of the boring machine, when the lime kiln of main fan is turned off, also should have corresponding lower kiln speed, prevent high temperature ascend more serious damage to equipment, process of limestone kiln closed shall timely adjust the material distributing valve, prompt return to homogeneous material warehouse, prevent rotary kiln system air volume is too small to cause congestion.

Lime rotary kiln exhaust fan

3. Troubleshooting measures

Generally speaking, the reason for the sudden shutdown of the exhaust fan of the lime rotary kiln is that the bearing temperature of the fan is too high and the coil temperature of the high-voltage motor is too high, which causes the oil supply temperature of the lime rotary kiln to exceed the upper limit or lower limit. Therefore, the main fan can be started again after troubleshooting and can be put into production after confirmation.

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