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When does the crusher need cleaning?

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Crusher performance play smoothly, not only has something to do with the quality of the equipment, also has relationship with a lot of details of operation, and the operation of the machine detail including aspects very much, such as the order of the boot, the cooling operation, cleaning, etc., these different operations require the timing is not the same, when crusher need to clean up?


The cleaning itself includes not only the cleaning of the crushing chamber, but also the cleaning of the lubricating system, etc. Different cleaning needs different times. Here, we take the cleaning of the lubricating system of the crusher and the cleaning of the crushing chamber as an example to make an analysis:

1. Clean up the broken cavity


First is for crushing cavity clean up, basically have two kinds of circumstances, it is under the condition of normal boot, will the remaining material in the crushing cavity clean, prevent the load startup, 2 it is plugging material or choke iron, this time broken crusher can not be normal, need to clean up, to maintain the smooth flow of work process;

2. Cleaning of lubrication system


For cleaning lubricating system, lubrication system mainly is to realize the important of crusher wear parts lubrication system, for the cleaning of the system is mainly occurred in the process of oil pollution, and regular cleaning, this can prevent the phenomenon of lubricating oil metamorphism, guarantee the effect of lubrication, reducing wear parts wear, prolong the service life of equipment, and ensure the production efficiency;

In the actual production, crusher cleaning work is also very important, we only introduced different parts of different cleaning time, and its specific cleaning method, and we can leave a message online.

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