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Why is the impact crusher cost-effective crusher equipment?

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In many mine crusher crusher belongs to the model of high cost performance, many customers will first choose this equipment, impact crusher in the process of processing crushing mainly used in the second and third stage of crushing, why is impact crusher cost-effective crusher equipment?

1. The material hardness of impact crusher is relatively large

Impact crusher plate hammer material hardness is high, through the mechanical clamp firmly fixed on the rotor, with the rotor rotation increase the inertia, is in the crushing process can quickly break the material, to achieve the effect of rapid crushing.

impact crusher

2. Counter crushing function can deal with materials with large water content, high humidity of materials, not easy to produce dust, and better solve the problem of material blockage

When the water content of the broken material is relatively large, the feeding bin and the impact plate of the impact crusher can assemble the heating project, which can increase the crushing effect while preventing the material from bonding, and the impact plate system does not need to install the screen plate, effectively preventing the material from clogging.

impact crusher

3. Vulnerable parts wear little, metal utilization rate is high.

Counterattack plate can be adjusted, in the broken period of time, the high utilization rate of the counterattack plate will appear wear, this case can replace the counterattack plate, no wear of the counterattack plate replacement of the high wear of the counterattack plate to continue to use, solve the cost of replacement of the counterattack plate, better use of common resources.

4. Adjust the discharge port for high output

Adjust the discharge port, can increase the amount of discharge, can adjust the upper middle lower spring counterattack position, increase the size of the discharge port.

impact crusher

5. Easy and quick replacement of accessories

Use hydraulic wall to open the back cover of the counterattack plate, lift the rotor to replace the plate hammer, this process is simple to operate, a person can be more slippery, save the task of material resources.

Impact crusher is a cost-effective crushing equipment, widely used, simple structure, convenient maintenance, high spare parts utilization rate, large crushing output, if you have more questions can give us a message,

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