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LVRF5 Cyclonne preheater system with calciner

Jiangsu Lvssn has mastered the secrets in the development and application of preheater system with advanced technologies---our 4th generation predecomposition calciner technology on our five-stage Cyclone preheater system. Jiangsu Lvssn continuously cooperates with domestic and international famous cement enterprises with extensive technical communications, to optimize the structures of cyclone preheater and performance. Jiangsu Lvssn’s engineer has also adopted computer flow data simulation to commission our equipment. After our multiple test and practical application, our optimized 5-stage preheater system has a significant improvement in its high efficiency and low resistance performance.

Jiangsu Lvssn’s brand new LVRF5 5-Stage cyclone preheater with precalciner System has adopted our double spraying design of the calciner. Scientific structure with large ratio of length to diameter is able to homogenize material to increase material retention time.Besides,Lvssn’s engineers has added rear extended pipe to provide more sufficient material burning space and also increase some the material retention time.There is fully combustion for pulverized coal to increase system efficiency.

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