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LVRM Vertical Mill

  LVRM series vertical mill is mainly used in raw material grinding, clinker grinding, slag grinding and pulverized coal preparation in mining, cement and metallurgical fields. The main components include frame, transmission, pressure system, rocker device, grinding disc, roller, medium shell, separator, sealed air pipeline, water spraying device, lubrication system, etc.

  According to the grinding principle of the material bed, the grinding force is provided by the hydraulic pressure device. Another shears force produced by the difference of the moving speed between the roller and the grinding disc will also help the grinding process. This force grinds the material in the machine. After materials are dried and transported to the separator in the upper part of the mill by the external hot air. Eventually they form a closed loop cycle.

  LVRM vertical mill system process is simple, can simultaneously achieve material grinding, drying, grading. The equipment has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high grinding efficiency, high drying efficiency, strong material adaptability. It allows large allowable feed particle size with high operation efficiency. The system only occupies a small area with small noise without workshop structure,just simply can be placed in open air.

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